Friday, May 18, 2018

Spring and Summer update

Happy Spring, ya'll!!! 

  Oh my goodness, I just had to write in yellow. I hope ya'll can read it without squinting! I'm just so happy to be able to use spring colors. Spring is so fun! 

  So, this is probably going to be my one spring post. But ya'll. 
  Three kids? I know I've said it before, and I will say it again! This having three kids thing is NO JOKE! Seriously, it is a ton of busy-ness!  
  But - I wouldn't trade it for the world. It's fun, chaotic, messy, dirty, crazy, exhilarating, exhausting, spontaneous, drama-filled, hard, amazing, and beautiful... There is so much love in it all, and more than I'd ever dreamed of or hoped for. Despite all the laundry and the dishes and the tears and screaming and tantrums, it's a wonderful life, and I'd have it no other way. 
  That said, here is a recap of our last few months in pics, and...welcome to spring~! 

Jared's "school time". I do "school" with him before I sit down and do school with the others, and he loves it. 

"What is it?" you ask. Well, let me tell you...It's a girl!!! We get a new girl cousin in our family, as the Bradberry's are welcoming their 8th child in August. We couldn't be more thrilled! 

Brookey's gymnastics. She has recital in June! The theme is Greased Lightning. 

Jared loves to build "car roads," just like Kaleb did when he was this age! Now, Kaleb builds them for him. 

She loves to draw, anywhere. 

Second lost the store, mind you! ;) 

Lake time! It was one of the first warmer days this year, and we decided to take advantage and go to Lake JB Thomas. 

Jared's "school time" 

Our annual St. Patty's Day pic. I don't know why I started taking an annual pic on St. Patrick's, but I did. Well, it helps me get an annual pic, right? 

Oh yes, he's a goofball alright.

He loves to "cook"!

First 83 degree day, popsicle stained mouth, no shirt...yes, please! Oh, the simple joys...

Resurrection Rolls. They have become our tradition on Easter! 

One of our Easter pics. Lol!

New hair for spring~!!!

Circus time, the first time ever! I don't remember when I last went to the circus, but they were in Snyder. So we couldn't resist this year, and went. It turned out to be a blast!

Helping momma in the nursery 

These two...have a love-hate relationship. They are definitely frenemies. 

Jared "school time" 

One thing I have absolutely LOVED about this year is the library. We have gone on and off since Kaleb was two. But this year, the library program has gone above and beyond my expectations, and it's rocked! Every week we go, they have snacks for the kiddos and coffee for the momma's, along with a story, playtime, and an adorable craft. LOVE it. And, obviously, Jared does too!  

Yes, he's growing up. Look at this picture! LOL! This was his pose when I told him, "Let's take a picture of your big boy underpants because you used the potty."
This kid. 

His first dipped cone, ever. Mmmm!

My two BIG boys!!

Helpers! We went to C City recently and got some pretty flowers for the house, and I had to catch my big helpers in action on camera! 

Just a pic of the kids on the couch at library time. Yes, Jared is posing. He's such a ham, ya'll. 

We had some cousins over recently during the weekend, and I just took some shots of them having fun. 

These two. They fought a good bunch, but they also were super sweet when they weren't fighting. Oh, man. Cousins!

Movie night!

Yes, this is a random picture. But...I'm so excited for our beach trip we're taking in August! I recently went to CVS and had to restrain myself...There are so many cute beachy type things in there right now!!! Everything from these ice cube trays (which, I will tell you, are the only thing I bought, and I was proud of that fact!), to cute lawn chairs, to beach towels, to flip flops...and the list goes on! 
Justin helped Kaleb build a pinewood derby car for a race at Mission Friends (it's a church deal he goes to on Wednesdays). It won six times before it was eliminated, and yes I'm bragging. I think that was good! 

And he was proud, too! :) (Thank you, Oma, for this pic!)

  We have a very exciting, fun filled next few months, as well. Not only is it Jared's birthday month, but it is also Brookey's recital, swim lessons, and VBS time. After that comes the 4th of July, of course, then Kaleb might possibly go to camp, and then in August, we leave for a family reunion on Justin's side, then we head on to our beach vacation! Directly following that, we will return home to a new baby girl cousin! It's going to be a really great summer, and I'm super excited about all that's in store for our family! 
  I look forward to sharing posts on how it all goes. :) 

Blessings to you and yours, and HAPPY SPRING!!!