Saturday, January 24, 2015

Daddy's "share" day! (Also known as his birthday)

Well, since Daddy is not a pink princess, I didn't want to torture him too much by combining his birthday celebration with Brookelynn's! 

But, we did celebrate Justin this past week too! I won't share how old he is, although he probably wouldn't care anyway. He's really not that old (not as old as me...;). 

But we DID celebrate his birthday on Monday. 

However, he didn't get away with not sharing it with somebody else...our newest addition!  

So, since our sonogram happened to be scheduled (and it was the first available appointment they had - I was too excited to move it further into the month!) on the same exact day as Justin's birthday, and the appointment was at 10 in the morning in Lubbock, we decided to go to the appointment, then out to eat for Justin's birthday to a steak restaurant to celebrate.

So, in order, here are the sono results...

Here's us waiting in the waiting room, first. ;) is our newest addition...

Isn't he adorable already? Yes, it's a boy!! 

We couldn't be more happy! I really thought that it was a boy, and this just confirmed that feeling. ;) Time to get out all the fun little boy clothes! 

SO...Lol, yes, we went out to eat afterward to the steak restaurant. 

Poor Daddy! I think the kids got more of his birthday ice cream that day than he did. 

And as a tradition, we always stop at a cute little kids consignment store in Lubbock after our sono's, so I did get some new boy clothes. Started thinking though about how much more I will need...not gonna get overwhelmed yet! Lol. Of course, we do have hand me downs, which will be great. 

And Justin did pay a visit to the guitar store, where he kind of salivated over a beautiful electric guitar...which he will actually receive in the mail soon (we ordered online so it will be cheaper!). 

So, all's well that end's well, right? Justin came away from his birthday with not one, but two great things... The knowledge of a new baby boy, and a new guitar. Can't complain about that! Even if the kids ate all of his ice cream. 

I love you so much, honey - you are my world. Thank you for being such a good daddy. I know God is smiling on you because of the day he gave you on your birthday! It was indeed special, in more ways than we'd ever imagined.

So glad God blessed me with you. You are the reason for these three sweet little blessings we've received, and you are such a joy to us. Brookelynn is so fun and full of life, and I know that's part of your personality showing through her. And Kaleb is so spunky and smart and I know that's also from you. Can't wait to see what newest little guy will be like. I know he will be like you, too!

Love you now and forever and always will. 

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Friday, January 23, 2015

Pink princess!

3 years old! 

    Our sweet Brookelynn turned three this month!

      Brookey, you are such a joy!! 
When you came into our lives three years ago on Friday, January 13th (of all days!), we knew you would be a big blessing. But we never knew just what a big blessing could come from such a small package! 
    From day one, you have lit up our world. You laugh in your sleep, cry only for a short minute and then you are ready for the next adventure, love to entertain, have a dance party every day in the living room, love everything pink, would live in a "princess dress" every day if we let you, and love giving back rubs, all things Frozen, accessorizing, and cake. Your giggly, gorgeous, goofball self is such a delight and we praise Jesus for your life! Happy third birthday, beautiful Brookelynn Faith! 

Here are a few pictures from your special day! 

You love donuts, so naturally we started the day out with them. Your choice? A pink one. 

Then we had to do some fun selfies. Daddy was having to work so we sent some to him too!

And did some ball time, one of your favorite things ever.

Oh, and another selfie with brother.

Then we did some dancing to the Frozen soundtrack. Mommy got it on video but the video won't upload! But there was dancing. For sure. 

Then we had to have a cheesy roll from Taco Bell for lunch. Yes, our favorite thing IN.THE.WORLD. Sigh. It's the little things.

Then, because our party was on a different day than our birthday, we opened one gift that night. And it was our PINK FROG we'd been asking for! Yes, not sure why, but Miss B wanted a pink frog for her birthday! And, it made her day! Yay! (Happens to be a pink frog with red hearts all over it....kind of a Valentine's Day frog? :) She sleeps with "her" every night.
And of course, no princesses birthday is complete without a pink princess party. And I do mean, PINK princess party! :):):)

And a sweet princess to go with those pink cupcakes!


It was a very pink day for a very pink princess! We love you Brookey!!! Your life is a blessing to us!

We look forward to what the Lord has in store for you, sweet girl. We know it's going to be glorious, and you have such a sweet spirit. 
    No doubt you will be a woman of faith, since it is your middle name. 

   "Those who trust in the Lord are like Mount Zion, which cannot be shaken but endures forever. As the mountains surround Jerusalem, so the Lord surrounds his people both now and forevermore." Psalm 125:1,2

We pray your life is used for the glory of God, sweet girl. We love you so much!! 

Mommy and Daddy (and brother!)

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