Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Fun February times

So...I have two sweet children napping, which is very, very rare these days, so thought I'd jump on the chance to actually blog!

It has been a pretty good month! Here are some pics for ya! And...sorry that they are not the best quality...I take them on a whim with my IPhone...I know, I know...sorry!!!

Not sure if I added this one last month so I'll add it...Kaleb and Brookey had fevers the beginning of the month, and THIS was our saving grace...a snake we got from the zoo, of all things. He paid NO attention to it while we were at the zoo, or even when we got home, for that matter, but when a fever hit, man, snake became his best buddy!

Her favorite place is...guess where...the "outside," and she loves to say it!

"Look ma, no hands!" She loves to be funny!
"Peek-a-boo, I see you!"
Lol! Justin put her in her blanket and set her down one day here, and I think she thought she was in trouble, because she stayed there with this look on her face until I picked her up!

We love drums!

He loves to sit in the bowl and watch t.v.!! Silly boy!

One night while Justin was working, Kaleb came up to me and told me that Asparagus (from Veggie Tales) needed a helmet to go on his motorcycle! So we made one.
His helmet
Being silly again!And yes, she has a cars bib on! This momma needed to do laundry!
Girly loves books...!

Yummy mashed potatoes!!!

Momma's view...in the morning!

They start lots of bathroom projects, and they don't finish them! Imagine that. 

Mommy, mommy, I am a big girl in my big girl shoes!! I was so excited because I finally got some shoes on this girl! She always, always takes them off!!

Yes, we are into eating rocks. Not literally, but most definitely tasting them to see if they are good. I think she thinks they are because she keeps tasting them!

I am going to try and do this as a faster post....but here are some Kalebisms and Brookeisms that I am writing down so we have record! :) (And just to enjoy...)

Brookelynn...these days, you...

*still love to dance. You dance mostly in your seat while eating! Momma has a hard time feeding (and getting the food INTO your mouth!) sometimes, because you love to rock back and forth!

*love to pat us while we rock you to sleep. 

*love to cuddle still

*talk while your paci is in your mouth!

*"outside" is your favorite word!

*say "thank you," when we feed you

*get a hold of a Kleenex, and and copy us like you are blowing your nose!

*"blow" on your food like when mommy does it 

*like to have your stuffed monkey so you can play with it's tail to go to sleep

*like to take my finger and point to all the pictures in the book for me to tell you what they all are

*This is so funny, but you love to say, "Dobby, dobby, dobby," over and over again! Not sure where that came from or why, but it's really cute! Daddy got a video of it the other day and we should try and post it on here!

*love to blow kisses, mostly while in your chair

*still eat pretty well, although you're starting to throw down your carrots and peas! NO......! :)       

*are already throwing tantrums!!! You have begun to kick and scream when you don't get your way...Uh oh...:) 

*are starting to cruise a lot! The couch, the chairs, etc! And with this, is the discovery of all the no nos, such as the knobs on the couches to recline, etc...:)

*have started to alternate between one and two naps a day, based on our schedule

*love soft things!

*Your routine at night includes a bath almost every other night (rotating with brother), brushing your eight teeth (yes, eight!!) reading a book or two (in which you insist on turning the pages), followed by rocking and holding your monkey or blanket.

*Bedtime is now 7:30 or eight.

*You do the same kind of fast little laugh your cousin Luke does when he is excited, which is funny because you are almost the same age!

*Your crawl is also identical to his, with one leg tucked under. We think it's because you are having to learn to crawl on hardwood floors. 

*You love art! Anytime there is a chance, you love playing with a crayon and paper!


Kaleb, these days, you...

*always love to play "Wozy," which translates to "Ring around the Rosy". :)

*you like to use your napkin to cover your mouth when you cough!

*ask for something by putting what you want first in the sentence, then directly followed by "Yes?" 
For instance, "Cookie, yes?" 

*"ice crean," means "ice cream"

*have named your favorite truck "Mac," after "Mac" on the movie, "Cars"

*know most of your colors, numbers 1-10 and basic shapes

*"Uh oh, paggettios"

*love to fix anything that is broken, or not broken, for that matter!

*"Oh no, broken tire!"...Not sure how many times a day I hear this! Lol. You have a car with a broken tire. 

*love a show called, "Police Patrol," that we think may be French...lol. It's on Netflix but after one time of watching it you were hooked and it's annoying but I let you watch it more than I'd like, simply because you LOVE it and would watch it every day all day long if we let you!!

*can recite the book, "Brown Bear," verbatim in some places! You love to repeat all the sentences, and in a very loud tone!

*also love to pray in a very loud tone, for some reason. You are going to be a dynamic Christian! :)

*Your favorite shows are Leapfrog, Bubble Guppies, Umizoomies and Veggie Tales, although it varies. You also love the movie, "Cars". 

*are still throwing tantrums! But, it's okay. You're two. Being two is hard! :) 

Our schedule these days includes a Tuesday play date with our friend Jaci, Wednesday, nursery while Momma helps out with the preschool choir at church, Thursday Bible Club, and Friday MOPS. We had a really fun week last week since we were able to go to everything we had planned because NOBODY was sick...wow. This winter has been brutal! But - God is good! All the time!

Oh, man, one more thing....If I forget to include this I will be sad! Valentine's Day stuff....It was not very eventful but I got some pics of a very "sweet" day (and not to mention, sweet smelling!)

Sorry so blury!! He and Miss Brooke found treasures at their breakfast table that morning (a tradition passed on from my momma from her momma...)  

From daddy to mommy...:)

 Happy to have spent Love Day with the ones I love. It is SO special!!

Well, friends, that is all I have time for at the moment...I will leave you with this...There has never been a time in my life that I can say that I am wearing one (or more) of four things on my shirt each day, until now - snot, pee, poop or vomit. Yep, friends, it is always exciting and never dull!!! 

Fun times, fun times. 

Happy February! :)  

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Friday, February 8, 2013

Random January and February fun!

Just a few January and February pics. I plan to update on Kalebisms and Brookeisms really soon! ;) But for now, enjoy a few pics!...

To begin with my randomness...my two favorite pairs of shoes. :) Wanted to compare sizes. ;) Not much difference! K is in a 6, B is in a 2. Sorry the pic is so dark!

Typical morning. Found a car next to the peanut butter. 

We love our new wagon, Oma and Opa!!
Creative, aren't we? She just couldn't sit up any longer!

We have had such nice weather lately that Brooke wanted to go to the park in the wagon! :)
I LOVE this hair!! It just continues to curl at the ends and it's so fun to do!
And this...:) After pig tail day...! (Kinda blury!)

Momma's view at the park. Notice how Brooke knows just how to relax. Everyone who sees us laughs! 
And Kaleb knows what the perfect serving size is. Obviously. 
My Superman. Thank you Nana and Grandpa for the cute jammies!
B and Daddy tickle time. Never gets old!
Mmmm, mashed potatoes. Doesn't get much better than this. They are one of her favorite foods!
Big girl pulls up a lot but is still pretty shy about pulling up on the bigger furniture these days. We'll see if she competes with brother and starts walking by her fourteenth month! Got a month to go! :) She loves cars and trains. Wonder why!
And...she will eat ANYTHING we put in front of her. Chicken, anyone?
Kaleb loves to get water in a cup (or in this case a measuring cup!) and "feed" his stuffed animals. :) Here he is showing sister how he feeds his duck. Lol.

A typical day for us these days...He LOVES to go outside and play. In the dirt. A lot. Yes, typical boy!!

And, he loves his ride on vehicles outside!

We had a bout with a bad fever and RSV so after we were getting better, Momma and Daddy took K and B to the Abilene Zoo to celebrate! :) The spider monkeys were by far a hit. They are really funny! They have attitudes...

The giraffes were a close second though. He keeps talking about them now!

But the train...that was our very, very favorite thing at the zoo.

Just had to get a pic with her cute little outfit on with Daddy holding her the other day. It's says, "I'm Dad's little sunshine". She was squirming a bit so it was hard! But I just love Old Navy...they have really cute, yet really comfy clothes for kiddos, at fairly good prices. :) 

Finally feeling better after all this yucky RSV stuff! :) 

She loves her dollies. :) Here she is trying to put her hat back on! Already a sweet little momma! :)

That's all for now! Blessings!

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