Thursday, April 9, 2015

A three month recap!

A few pics from the last few blessed months!

Did I mention that I love this man? 

Honestly not sure how far along I was was taken too long ago! Sad, I know. But I know it was earlier on...that doesn't help any does it? Lol!

20 weeks? Right around there I think...

27 weeks! 

Luke/David's joint birthday party!

Brookey's actual birthday day! 

Brookey's room while I was cooking....Covered in new baby's baby powder...Including Brookey. She and her bro know how to make a mess together, that's for sure!


Our silly (late) St Patrick's Day photoshoot! 

They love each other. Really.

A few pics from a sweet little girls trip my sister in law, Shelly and I took to a conference. Decor was beautiful! 

A picture of my handsome that my 4 year old son took. I think he did good! 

Yes he got a hold of the camera and had to take some selfies...

We like selfies around here. Lol. 

K and his new "best friend". He put a bug in the back of his toy truck and gave him a bed of grass, and carried it around with him calling it his best friend. 

Watching sadly as the ice cream truck passes by...

Easter at GGs!! 

She loves to pose!

My dad and GG got into this one with my parents "baby," Bailey! Missing from the picture are my sweet mom, who took the pics, and my sweet hubby, who had to work. :(

She holds her crayons and pencils perfecty...I'm kinda proud...;) 

He is not so into coloring. He is SO smart, though. He knows all his letters and his numbers now. 

He loves to put things into categories. :) 

Love to sit outside these days...It's getting warmer! Love this time of year! And this year is just so exciting...! ;)

Pic of the 28 week, 3 days bump!!! Woohoo!

He loves Science! This is him making noise with a tube and learning about how the noise is made. He also loves learning about space and the stars and planets these days. 

Matching game with butterfly lifecycles. He LOVES all things bug related! 

Well, this year is passing really, really fast. I know the next few years will go even faster! :) I am lucky if I get these pics posted every three months! I'm just proud I get anything posted! Lol! 

Will leave ya with this...

"Life is good. Eternal life is better!" 

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