Saturday, November 24, 2012

A very thankful holiday!

Just a few little things to be thankful for this season!

The first, and foremost, is our new little Thanksgiving turkey, born the day before Thanksgiving, my CUTE nephew, Timothy Daniel Bradberry. He is a little 6 pound, 15 ounce blessing! I was so very, very grateful to my sis in law, Shelly, who let me be present for his birth. Wow, what an amazing day!

Isn't he cute as can be??? I think he's a keeper!
And what a sweet little turkey!

And then, here are a few cute little pics from our other little turkeys on Thanksgiving day at GG's house!

Auntie Deb and Brookelynn 

Watching the Macy's Parade!

First scone!

His new favorite food of all time, "Pie!"

First scone!

Gotta love the Fischer scones. Yum. This picture brings back memories since my first job ever was working in the Fischer scones booth at the Puyallup Fair in Washington state. Good times.

Lots to be thankful for. And...thank you, Auntie Deb, for taking the pics! I have labeled her our official family holiday photographer because she is just good! :)

God bless and let the holidays begin!!

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Thursday, November 15, 2012

Colds, stomach bugs and double ear infections, oh my!

 Okay, so here's this month's update! I will start it off by saying, officially, that Brookelynn has hair. That makes a momma so happy!! It's so fun to work on this lovely little head!

 I am afraid, though, that she may already at ten months (yes, ten!) be objecting to momma fiddling with her head. She is beginning to realize there's something up there, and taking it out...ALREADY!! Nooooo! :) Lol.

Did a fun photo shoot this week with Baby Legs also. I just have to say they are my new favorite accessory for our girl, even though I know they've been around for a little while. Winter hasn't, though, mind you! And my sister in law just brought me over some really adorable ones the other day (thank you, Shelly!) and reminded me of all the fun that these little accessories are. ya go. :) She was in a good mood!

 Brookelynn loves blocks. She also loves to throw them!! Lol. I try not to condone it but it's kind of cute anyway.

Miss Brookey, these days your milestones include:

* hair! Curly hair!
* still loving to sit. You just love watching your brother and you are SO happy doing it that you forget about doing other crawling!
* clapping
*playing in your walker. You DO love to walk, however, and I am wondering if this is what you'll do first even before you crawl!
*can scoot. We leave you in a spot on the floor and next thing we know, you've moved. On your bottom! Maybe this may be your preferred method of transportation in the near future...I don't know! :)
*are actually tolerating tummy time these days. You can push up really far and you will tolerate it for longer than, two minutes. Haha.
* are SO happy. Hardly ever do you cry and you LOVE to play by yourself.
*like to play peek a boo, a lot! You are a flirt with daddy, and you LOVE him! You laugh and giggle around him so much, and you love to play peek a boo with him. Tonight at the dinner table you would move to one side, then the other, and laugh when daddy would do the same, and you did this a bunch!
*love to dance when there is any music on at all! 
*can say, "hi," "daddy," "uh oh," "mama," and we are pretty sure you've said, "hi, daddy," a number of times! You are very verbal, just like your brother, and we LOVE this!
*love your ba ba in the morning, and then you eat lots of different solid foods during the day. You don't feed yourself yet, but we are getting there. You love fruit. But not peaches!
*are going to move into your brother's room and out of our room really soon, after he transitions into his toddler bed. Wow, can't believe that is actually going to happen! Momma's going to have withdrawals from having you in our room for so long! Makes me sad to think about!

Love you to pieces, sweet pea girl!

Here's a little on our little man...

You are FUNNY!!

K boo...

You are too funny. You like to make us laugh! The other day you wanted to be just like sister, so we put a pink barrette in your hair too and that made you happy!

These days, you are...

*very, very, very into cars.
*loving a certain book (the same one) every night, and guess what it is about...Cars.
*reading a bible story with us every night.
*having to have your night light on now. Every night.
*eating like CRAZY!!!! I sometimes wonder where it all goes! You eat breakfast, then have a mid morning snack, then lunch, then after your nap you have a snack again, then dinner! Growing boy!
*starting to tell me when you need a diaper change. Yes, we are going to do potty training again! We stopped for a bit because you didn't seem quite that ready. But momma bought a new potty seat tonight and we are going to try again. Oh, and big boy underpants on them.
*sometimes throwing tantrums, so we now put your in your room until you stop crying. After a few minutes, you come out laughing after throwing one. Not sure if it's because you're so happy to get to come out of your room but it has become humorous. Almost.
*loving hide and seek. It is your FAVORITE game, and you laugh so much!
*still eating the little pouches we buy for you from Plum Organics to get you to eat your veggies. They have spinach in them so we know you are getting some greens...along with the green drinks we make in the blender. It's HARD eating those veggies but we've got to do it!
*saying your ABC's, your numbers from 1-10, and a lot of colors. We are still learning shapes!
*LOVING Dora the Explorer, Bubble Guppies, Chuck and Friends, and Diego. Bubble Guppies is your absolute favorite these days though.
*still in love with cheese. ANY kind.
*are going to transition REALLY soon into a toddler bed. Like, in a few days. I think.
*saying SO many things, and you are SO verbally advanced! You pretty much say sentences now. Today one of them was, in not so many words, but I totally understood you..."I want to go to Oma's house in the car." Some of the cute things you say include, "Oh, man," "Oh, boy," "Wow, cool!" "Oh, no!" and now just recently, "Ew, yuck, poo poo!" when I am changing your diaper. Lol!!! Another reason to transition to the potty! You are getting too big to put on the changing table and change that yucky poo poo diaper!
*loving the outdoors. You LOVE the park!
*also loving the IPad. You showed me today that you know how to work it pretty well!

Love you so much, little man. You are growing into quite the character!

A couple more things before I go....This will give you an idea of my days!! Here's a small story and a peek into my life. :) 

So, it started as a normal day today. I had plans to make some cookies for Justin's work party tomorrow, give the kiddos a bath together, and put some stuff in the crockpot for dinner. But that changed fast while I was changing Little Missy's diaper. Aside from getting to the bottom of the wet wipes and finding my wedding ring I had lost along with another ring and two dimes, I realized I had run out of diapers for Brooke and the changing pad cover had gotten poop all over it. So...I set her down on the floor in the room while I ran to the laundry room and grabbed her bag to find an extra diaper in there and to grab another changing pad cover. I returned to the room to find her...covered from head to poop. She evidently had not been finished as I had thought. And not only her body, but the dresser next to her had been smeared with poop. It was in her hands, all over her legs, and ALL over the floor. And she was smiling just as big as ever, not even realizing I had seen her yet, just playing and having a good old time smearing it everywhere. Oh, the sweetness of innocence. Sigh.

Thankfully it did not end up in her hair...but that was the only place! And of course, Kaleb came in while this was going on, and said, "Ew, yucky poo poo!"
It did make me laugh despite the circumstances.
So, I promptly moved her to the bathtub, where yes, the poop got all over the place in there, and no, I did NOT let Kaleb join her in it this time as I had planned! Instead she splashed and it got in my face...

So, after getting a very, very clean (probably cleaner than she's been in awhile since I made sure I used more soap than usual!) Brookelynn was transported to her very clean spot in the living room, I let the disenfectant do it's job in the bathtub while I scrubbed the poop off the floor and the dresser in the kids room.

Kaleb finally got his bath but it took a little longer than I'd anticipated. Goodness!

And, mind you, this is following the last three weeks, which began with a cold Brooke had, which she passed onto Kaleb, then a stomach virus, which he passed onto her, then Brooke getting a double ear infection. When it was all said and done, we had six bottles of different kinds of medications on our counter. And the stomach bug included a total of six days of diahrrea, which meant there were 14 days of that because Kaleb got it first, then Brooke. (And to think my sweet sister in law has five children going on six. I am in awe of her strength right now.)

So, yes, I am tired of "ew, yucky, poo poo." And, I have learned a lesson about thinking Miss Brooke is done and setting her down after she's had a bowel movement!

But...every day is an adventure with these kiddos, and I wouldn't trade this adventure for ANYTHING. Despite the stomach bugs, the double ear infections and the "ew, yucky poo poo," nothing beats being a momma. Absolutely nothing beats the loving hugs, the games of hide and seek, or the girly accessorizing.   

So...motherhood is not all glamorous. But, it is an adventure.

And it's one I am happy to be on, craziness and all. :)  

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