Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Ahhh, the best moments in life

GiGi and Brooke on Easter!

Daddy takes K on the bike all the time now and they have daddy time. It's wonderful for all of us! Momma gets B time, and Daddy and K get to bond!
Kaleb and his cousin Andrew are buddies. :)
Grandpa and Nana and Brooke time. :) Precious!

Just a short blog this time. :o)

Today was awesome! Momma and Daddy and Kaleb and Brooke went to the park with the double stroller, then to Wal Mart. At Wal Mart we bought daddy a few shirts to "play" in. It was warm and we all got a bit of a burn, except for Miss Brooke who was shaded in her stroller carrier. :) Kaleb wore sunscreen but it was so hot it didn't matter!

And Brooke laughed for the FIRST time! It was soooo precious. She has made laughing sounds before, but nothing like this...Momma would consider her first official laugh....and not just one, but several! :)

It was definitely a beautiful moment - brother Kaleb was there to hear it too! Miss Brooke loves it when Momma comes and plays with her, and this time, she squealed in delight! But it scared her a bit, because right afterward, she frowned...Did that sound come from HER mouth? Yep. It was SO precious and warmed Momma's heart. :) Then she did it again and again while Momma talked to her. :) She squealed, and she kicked, and squealed and kicked some more.

Greatest. Moments. Ever.