Friday, June 24, 2011

Starting of summer fun!

After swimming today, we had some crazy hair!

But we had LOTS of fun making our hair crazy!

"You really trust me with this, momma?" Swimmin in the dough....

Daddy and Kaleb fun!

Our little cowboy!

Tuesday, June 21, 2011

NEW adventures...and little beans...

"Behold, children are a heritage from the Lord, the fruit of the womb a reward. Like arrows in the hand of a warrior are the children of one's youth. Blessed is the man who fills his quiver with them! He shall not be put to shame when he speaks with his enemies in the gate." Psalm 127: 3-5

So...we have a bit of an announcement.

I am feeling so blessed. Not only do I have a beautiful, precious nine month old, but I have a new little bean that is nine weeks along inside of me!...

I have waited a while to post because we were not able to get to the doctor yet until now, and wanted to wait til we had our sonogram and heard their sweet heartbeat.

Yes, it is soon, I know! Kaleb and this little one will be just 16 months apart! Because of this, I am going to have another C section since I cannot do a VBAC.Doctors prefer you to have a VBAC at least 18 months post partum I believe.

We are thrilled though. A little surprised, yes, but thrilled! We wanted our children close in age, and they will be. Hopefully they will be the best of friends because of it. (and enemies sometimes, I know!)

Yesterday I had my first doctor's appointment and heard our little bean's first beautiful heartbeat, and today we had a sonogram and saw him or her. The sonogram showed that he or she is anywhere from 9 weeks and 4 days gestation to 10 weeks and 4 days gestation. It's give or take 6 days or so. I am excited because it means I'm closer to the 12 week mark, meaning I will be less likely to have a miscarriage then. They say 12 weeks is a good turning point. I have had a few complications with bleeding this pregnancy, which I never had with Kaleb at all, so it has concerned me. It was actually why we got our doctor's appointment when we did. But hearing the heartbeat and seeing them on the screen moving was SO reassuring. My doctor said he thinks it's probably implantation bleeding...which I will take at his word and not worry. Just praying for a beautiful, healthy baby. So that is something I have been LONGING to share with you!

We really have so much going on right now! Our house is about to be very, very busy, for a long, long time! Lol.
Here's a passage I have clung to this last month:

"The Lord is your keeper; the Lord is your shade on your right hand. The sun shall not strike you by day, nor the moon by night. The Lord will keep you from all evil; he will keep your life. The Lord will keep your going out and your coming in from this time forth and forevermore." Psalm 121:5-8

I love this passage right now! The Lord has brought it to me several times over the last month or two as we've been praying and seeking His will for our lives on a new house. I think it speaks to me because it's a reminder of His faithfulness. He will ALWAYS watch over us, no matter where we are, and he will keep our going out and coming in forever! Praise Him for that!

I guess it's safe to say, now, that by July 8, we will be the proud owners of a wonderful new home by the park that is more spacious inside than I could have hoped. I am SO excited, and so happy. I am looking forward to doing "new homeowner things," like planting flowers in the front, adding potted plants to the porch, and maybe a bench or two. I can't wait to enjoy the beautiful new wood flooring in the living room, and to add our "touches" to things - and to eventually buy new furniture to make it pretty! I LOVE decorating! Even though we are needing to save right now, it's fun and exciting to think about the things I eventually look forward to doing because it's "mine". What a concept! I've never owned a home, and how fun! Of course there are the necessary things that will need to be done now ourselves, since a landlord will not be responsible anymore! That's okay....:) I just love this little house! In the very near future I will post some pics of it....!

Everything is going well with the house process - we just have a few more details to work out. We are putting in gutters, and I am going to paint Kaleb and "little bean's" room yellow right before we move in! I absolutely LOVE the yellow we have in his room right now here, and I want to do it in his room there too. I think it will work perfectly. Other than that, though, the house is pretty move in ready.

So that is definitely exciting too.

I guess I'll end on one of the best notes, and that is saying that our K has done some major growing over the last month, in several areas. He has finally started really getting around, and is pretty much army crawling everywhere! Look out world, here he comes! I cannot leave him in the room long without coming back to find that he has moved...into another room! He is my little crawler.

He is still not liking solids as much as momma would like, but we are getting there.He does love things like Cheerios, of course, and he likes bananas, and he'll tolerate carrots every once in a while. I think we have a picky, picky eater! Believe me, this momma has tried EVERYTHING to get him to eat his veggies! Lol. It was that one time with ice cream, I'm telling ya, when he decided that EVERYTHING needed to taste like ice cream to go into his mouth. Ah, the mistakes we make as parents! We are getting to solids, slowly.

He has been spending more time at his cousins house recently, and I think it's really helping him come out of his shell. I've noticed, just over the past week, that he is more himself in public places. He used to be really quiet when we'd go to the store, or to church. Now he's not so much! He babbles, and talks to himself, and smiles a lot more. I think he's learning how to socialize in many ways! Him and his cousin David are not very far apart in age, and David is in full blown toddlerhood, and blesses his momma with lots of screaming these days. Well, the other day Auntie Shelly was taking care of him and when I got back to the house, she said she had to get onto David for something. I asked what and she said David, in one of his "mine" moods, was taking a toy away from Kaleb, and he beat him over the head with a cell phone that was on the floor that she couldn't grab in time! (Of course she had to grab him and give him a spanking...!) Kaleb is getting an education. It made me both laugh and want to cry! My poor little man...but I guess he's learning about other kids...and I am glad to have him around Shelly's family. They are the sweetest bunch there is, and David is not normally like that. It was just one of those toddler moments and Kaleb's head got the brunt of it! On a different note, today we were over there, and I was watching Luke for a minute and taking care of Kaleb, and he was very interested in Luke. Luke is just three months old. It was so cute - he would crawl over to him, and touch him, and just watch him and stare. It was like he was trying to figure out if he was a toy or not! I kept saying, "Be gentle with the baby." Good practice!

K's growing, and I'm excited to see what next month entails. No doubt lots of new adventures. I bought him a little pool today to have outside, and some toys to play with in it. I finally got some Lil' Swimmers. They've been out at Walmart! I got depressed and thought my little guy would never get to experience the blessed feeling of water in the summer because Wally World was out of swim diapers! (Yes a bit of an exaggeration!) But soon we're going to head over to a friends house and do some swimmin. Fun times!

Ahh, good times are definitely ahead. Life has really changed for our family this last month. BUSY times are ahead!

Anyone want to come help pack? :) Hm. Didn't think so.

In August we'll find out what little bean is (meaning whether they're a girl or boy). It will be the hottest month of the summer, and we will be painting their room. We'll take painters too, just in case you're interested.