Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Time flies when you're having fun

As per usual, I would not want to disappoint, so we have lots of random little bits of info. to share this month! But...it's all fun! The Fourth of July will be a highlight for this blog, along with several new additions to our house! Sadly, our new additions to our family that Kaleb won, which we lovingly named, "Indy," for Independence, "Thomas," and "Jefferson," didn't make it...But we think it may have been that we didn't change their water frequently enough. Funny, though, because we've heard of goldfish (and have even done it!) thriving in trough water! Sad that they couldn't survive our nice little tank we got! However...we are going to replace the poor little guys with a Beta fish, which will be equally as fun! And hopefully, he will survive. We think, too, that the tank we got may have been too small for three fish. Maybe we will have better luck with just one! :)

So, to begin, the Fourth of July was great! This year, since we have moved into a house that is right next door to the park where they shoot off the fireworks, we decided to host some friends and family over to celebrate and watch them out front. It was a lot of fun. I need to put another pic of everyone else on here, since we all had the traditional Old Navy $5 shirts on, but I will later since I need to get them off Justin's phone and he is not here at this time! For now, this one will have to do. Little Miss, of course, was sporting a big pink bow. :P I made Watermelon spritzers from the Pioneer Woman's web site, and, even though I had a kitchen full of sticky watermelon juice by the time I was done, and not to mention, lots of seeds, they were a success and pretty yummy. She is most definitely a "pioneer," I must say. :) But, it was fun anyway, as much craziness as it was!

Kaleb was very scared of the fireworks this year, and halfway through after lots of crying, I had to take him inside the house to enjoy them from afar. He seemed to "tolerate" them there, but really wasn't as into them as we would have liked. We had given him earplugs so he wouldn't be scared of the sound, but it didn't seem to help. At one point, his cousin, Andrew, who is five, came up to us and said, "Justin, I think Kaleb needs FOUR earplugs, not two!" It was cute and we had to laugh! Hopefully next year will be a better year for K, though. :) However, Miss Brooke loved them, loudness and all (although she had earplugs too!), and was mesmerized the whole time. We will see if the same is true for next year, when she will be older and wiser!

On another note, Miss Brooke got her first pedicure this month. I must say that I think it was a beautiful color for her, and she will be wearing this color again soon. :) Momma cannot wait to spoil her with pedicures! (Of course, we will go to the salon some time, but for now, and most of the time, one from Momma will have to do.;)

Well, for some reason I cannot get my pics to load the way I want them, so I will share a random Fourth of July photo here too! :) I almost forgot to include the one I got of Oma with Brooke, even though we couldn't get her to "pose"! :) But here ya go!

Here is a cute photo of Kaleb these days...I don't get to the laundry quite as often as I'd like, so this is what he gets to share with his sister...Lol.
Poor baby. I feel bad. But...these days, the "laundry" tends to be a big heap on the floor in our bedroom that we pick from when we need something clean. I know, very sad. But...at least it's clean! :) Well, pretty much...except for when K steps on it, or we trip over it in the middle of the night to get to the dresser! Yeah...it's pretty bad. I call it my mountain. In fact, I should take a picture of it for ya'll sometime so I can show it off. It's pretty cool. Lol.

So, I don't get very many pics of my babies together yet. It just doesn't happen. Kaleb is wayyyyy too busy these days, and such a boy! But...one day recently we put them in K's crib together to get one, and this is the best we can do at the moment! It works! Oh, and...yeah, Kaleb likes pillows, and stuffed animals...obviously! :)

Told you I had a bunch of random stuff! But...that's the fun of it!

Kaleb likes to make faces at the camera these days, too...so here are his many faces...:) I love taking his pic when he's in this mood! It's so fun!

Yeah, pretty fun.
And, here are the many faces of Brooke...:)

And, a serious one.

And yes, these days Momma LOVES dressing Brooke up to go places. I think if there was TOO much fun to be had, that would probably be my problem! I cannot get enough of her bows, and her little darling dresses and outfits! But...I am taking advantage of it while we can, because I know there will come a day, and it will come sooner rather than later, when she will not let me do this. :)
Until then, though, we will have a fun bow for every occasion there is!
This is a bow I got from the carnival, believe it or not, in our hometown.
Can you say, "Polka dots"? LOVE!

And this one was from the carnival, too. I think she was just expressing her appreciation for the cuteness. Her brother, by the way, has the same outfit, except for he is Thing 1. Thanks to Auntie Kelly and Uncle Craig, who do not spoil us. ;)

And, this little number was from Abigail, her cousin, who is 8, almost 9, and wore it when she was Brooke's age. SO sweet! I wish I could have gotten a pic of the whole thing. It has little bows on the sides too. :)

And, last but not least, this one is ALSO from Abigail, and we love it too, obviously. ;) They just don't make them like they used to! It is covered in apples and has apple buttons. Too cute!

Okay, I will finally stop torturing you with cute outfits and bows. This proud momma just had to share! :)

Onto other news...I will start with the first of our new additions to our house. Momma is REALLY enjoying one of them, and that is the GRILL Justin bought! In the past week, we have eaten grilled tilapia and carrots, grilled chicken, (which, by the way, has lasted ALL week long for sandwiches and other things) grilled turkey burgers, and ribeyes. Wow? I am SO happy about this!
Tilapia time!

....And, our perfect little grilled chicken, WHO, by the way, was really cute! I was sad about him dying and didn't want to eat him because, well, just look at the poor thing! He was the perfect little chicken. And we ATE him. But..I must say he was very, very good. Much better than those Rotisseries you can buy at the store.

So, yes, we are eating very well these days, and, it is no thanks to me but all the thanks to my sweet hubby, who is enjoying his new grill. :)

The other new addition to our house is our new faucet. Our old one stopped working so we have a beautiful Delta that Justin bought. It's wonderful and shiny.
And after!


So, we are living in style. ;)

Kaleb has been learning to be Daddo's helper.

So-ooooo..., all of this leads me to what I originally planned on blogging about, and that is that our baby girl is SIX months old, officially, as of the 13th! And...our baby boy will officially be 22 months on the 22nd. I cannot BELIEVE that it has been a half  a year since Brooke's arrival but it has. WOW, time flies. But, as usual, I need to record the milestones and new little leaps and bounds they are making, so here ya go.

Mr. K.

You are SUCH  a joy, and I repeat, a JOY. I think if you were a girl, your middle name would be joy. Continuously, each day it seems, you bring tears of joy to this momma's eyes because of all the FUN you create! At 22 months, almost TWO, you...

*are always finding new ways to make us laugh. These days, you do the "old man". The old man consists of bending over, with your arms at your sides, and grunting, walking bent over, literally, like an old man. It is HILARIOUS and we need to put a video on here of it. When we tell you, "Do the old man!" you do it, on cue.
* LOVE cheese. It is your staple, and if you could, you would eat it for every meal.
* have a wonderful sleep schedule, and you go to bed around 8, and wake up around 8. You are an awesome little sleeper!
* are probably right around 23, or 24 pounds. You have stayed here for a little while, but we are good with that. You are completely healthy and always come out with a clean bill of health at your checkups! Yay! Such a good thing after your bad acid reflux episodes you had as an infant!
* are all boy! You are on the go-go-go, and you hardly stop.
* DO love a good story, though, and have just started really paying attention and listening to, and even "reading" to Momma when she reads to you!
* LOVE trains, cars, airplanes and helicopters. They are all very, very "coowa" to you!
* can say SO many words. You surprise Momma with a new word every day, these days, it seems! Today it was "Yay!"
* are putting two words together more and more. You like to say, "Oma's house".
* are almost ready for potty training, but we have not taken that leap of faith yet. But you have your own potty and you actually pooped in it for the first time a little over a week ago! You got a big cookie!
* are learning how to say, "I'm 2." It's SO cute.(Even though you won't be 2 for another couple of months, Momma is getting you ready to tell people how old you are!)
* are going to bible club on Thursdays, and we hang out with Aunt Shelly and your cousins afterward. You also have attended, but not regularly, Library Time on Mondays, and MOPS. Momma has decided that Library Time and Bible Club will be a regular thing though. They are awesome!
* love to sing, and when Momma sings to you, you sing along sometimes, and although I can't understand your words, yet, it is cute. :)
* love the bath, and you love to dip your head back in the water. You love water in general, and last time you played in the big people pool, you wanted to go out into it alone, without me, and I had to hold you back, you were so daring! I think you may be like Daddy, in that you are going to love trying new things!
* are scared of the car wash. It is kind of cute!
* are learning how to somersault. Even though you can't get over all by yourself yet, you sure love to try, and it's fun to watch!

Love you so much, little man. You are so precious to us.

Miss B.

If cuteness could be measured, you would be at the top of the charts. We continuously fall in love with you each day! You are pleasant, most of the time, and so easy to please. Thank you for being our little doll!

At 6 months, Brooke, you...

* love your "ba ba," but are starting to eat more rice cereal, and have, so far, eaten squash, sweet potatoes, carrots, peas and bananas. I haven't been able to tell which ones you have really liked, as you most always make a cute little face every time you try each one, but bananas did not work very well so far. That day you didn't feel good! But the rest of them seemed to be good with you.
* have mostly pleasant days now. You are easily entertained (and a lot by your older brother, who makes you laugh so hard!) and love being put into different places in the house, such as your bumbo chair, your bouncer (which you have increasingly liked the last month or so, and I think it's because you know how to get it to bounce really high with your squiggling!) the exersaucer, and sometimes your blanket. You are still not a big fan of the blanket, as I think you think it's boring.
* are still not a fan of tummy time, but we are still working on it. You can push up really far, but once you get there, you really don't like being in that position. One of these days you will, though!
* laugh a lot! You love to laugh, and mostly at brother!!
* wiggle! Auntie Deb calls you "Squiggles" for good reason. It's very cute, because when you are excited, you wiggle, and we've gotten the "happy dance" on video. It's a fun show!
* do this funny thing sometimes that's like a grunt, and we wonder why! It's just something you've started doing in the past month, and we love it along with all the other things you do. When I fed you carrots the first time, you did it a bunch. I think it's because you thought it would get you more, faster! :)
* raspberry, but not a lot. You go back and forth between grunting and raspberrying!
* are sort of teething. You do slobber, and eat your hands a bunch, so we think you are beginning to get some teeth, but we haven't seen any pop up quite yet, but they're coming! You are pretty sweet about the whole thing, and don't seem to let it bother you or get you down too much yet.
* have not had your six month checkup yet, so we are not sure what you weigh! But you are eating well and seem to be gaining weight, so we don't worry.

Love you to pieces, little sweet pea! :)

Well, guess I've written enough for one blog...and I will leave you with this sweet picture that I saw on Facebook, thanks to some friends. Continuously, I am reminded of how blessed we are to have two healthy children. It's beautiful and sad at the same time. :) But a good reminder that we are to always be thankful for what we have!

God bless!!