Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Growin babies!

I have so MANY pictures to share from last month but I really don't have the time right now. 

Therefore, I will just share a quick little update on the kiddos and do the pics soon when I can get a chance! 

Miss B

  • These days you are so very social!
  • You love to squeal when people come through the door because you're so excited they've come to see you! (and it's not a small squeal either, but very, very loud!)
  • You love people in general
  • You are still a momma's girl - you need your snuggle time, especially when you are sick
  • You have graduated to a toddler bed very, very easily. You go down without a fight and with a smile on your face
  • You love to say your prayers, and your bible verse before you go night night. 
  • We still read a book before we head to bed.
  • You are saying sentences pretty well now.
  • You love pink.
  • You know the colors green, blue, brown, and yellow very well. 
  • You count like this - "three, two three..." because when you were still really tiny, I would do a game with you where I'd throw you into your bed and count, "One, two, three," and now that's your version when you go to bed.
  • You love hats, and sunglasses. You tried wearing your pink knit hat in the 80 degree weather the other day.
  • You are quite the dancer, and you still love to do it, in your chair at the dinner table, and anytime there's music.
  • You like trying new foods, most of the time, and will almost always eat it when there's a dessert around.
  • You have not started potty training officially yet, but we are heading in that direction. You seem very interested in brother when he goes. The potty still seems to scare you a bit, but there is a definite curiosity there that I think will overtake any fear you may have.
  • For some reason you like to start your words with a "t". And Kaleb's name is still "throw up". It's so funny that you call him that, but that is your version of his name, so we go with it! 
  • You love the slide, more than anything - even more than the swing.
  • You also love to point out the moon.
  • You love to play ball.
  • You adore everything about your brother. You want to BE him. You follow him around the house and do everything he does. It's kind of cute. 

K Boo!

  • You crack us up! You are SO funny sometimes, especially when you wear high heel shoes around the house in your underwear. And you LOVE making us laugh!
  • You are our little fixer-upper. Sometimes you take your screwdriver, or any of your tools for that matter, around the house and "fix" things. We have a Mr. Fix it in our house!
  • You also love playing with anything having to do with cars, airplanes, trains, you name it, if it moves - that is what you gravitate toward! 
  • You love food, but you always know exactly what you want. Your favorites are chicken, macaroni and cheese, fruit, "cracker sandwiches," (saltines with peanut butter in the middle), and string cheese. You don't like trying new things, but this last month you have tried things you have never tried before, and we are so proud!
  • You love to ride your tricycle
  • You love the park 
  • You are somewhat shy so far, but not too bad...You get very involved in tasks, and they consume you...You are just like your momma!
  • You are snuggly after you wake up from your nap
  • You are "methodical" - you have to have your routine at night. We brush teeth, read a bible story, get a drink, say our prayers and our bible verse. In that order. Oh, and then there's the butterfly kiss and the eskimo kiss. And at least one more for good measure. Just a regular kiss last. Yep. I think that's it. :) Oh, and then you have to have your fan on. And your night light. Lol...
  • You love Ring Around the Rosy. Still. So sweet!
  • When music plays, you love to turn in circles! Around and around til it makes you dizzy!
  • Your all time love is your trucks and cars. :) And fixing them. Oh, did I already mention that? ;) 
  • You love Clifford the Big Red Dog. Tonight you said he was your best friend. 
  • You absolutely adore your cousins!
  • You let your sister follow you around the house and do and say everything you do. Literally, she adores him. 
That's enough of an update for now! I will do pics next time. I will leave with this-

Mark 10:14 - ..."He said to them, 'Let the little children come to me, and do not hinder them. For the kingdom of God belongs to such as these.'" 

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