Thursday, June 27, 2013

Priceless time

Here's what we've done this month with the precious gifts we call family that God has granted us...a whole lot of nothing but it amounts to priceless time!
Spent some quality time with Daddo on Father's Day. (Of course, this was taken previously but I just love this photo. He is a handsome Daddy isn't he?)
Brought Mommy her first flower ever. (Kaleb) 

Helped Mommy with her laundry.

Went down the slide. Over. And over. And over again.
Played peekaboo through the window.
Went down the slide. Over. And over. And over again. Did I mention the slide? ;)
Just did some hangin' out.
Played in the pool in the backyard. Naked as jaybirds. But I will post the G rated version! ;)

Played peekaboo in the closet.

Emptied an entire bag of rice all over the kitchen floor (a.k.a. helping
Mommy clean out the bottom of the pantry.) This is the before picture.
Worked on our matching colors and shapes and did awesome! Wore our "big boy underwear" for about an hour before we realized we absolutely despise them. Again.
Played with our "hat" in the bathtub.
Laughed. A lot.
Played with Daddy in the backyard.
Went to see the ducks on Daddy's shoulders.
Went to Big Spring Aquatic Center and played in our favorite thing - sand!

Hung out with my cousin Kari!
Sat in Nana's lap. 
Watched Lori, my other cousin, climb far up a tree!
Hugged and took a picture with Nana because she's awesome.

So often these days, because I've had such sweet friends go through the sorrow and pain of having stillborns and miscarriages, and having had several close loved ones die recently, I am reminded of how precious time is here on earth. What are we doing to make it worthwhile? Spend it wisely, friends! 

You never know when your day will come. Or when your loved ones day will come. It's a hard thing to think about, but it is so, so true. 

"Therefore, my dear brothers, stand firm. Let nothing move you. Always give yourselves fully to the work of the Lord, because you know that your labor in the Lord is not in vain." 1 Cor.15:58


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Sunday, June 2, 2013

May madness!

These days, it is hardly easy to get a video of the kiddos NOT in action. :) This is why! We now officially have not one, but TWO toddlers! Look out, world! Here is a long awaited video to start out the pictures this month. 

She did it!! Finally. 
I am not sure why it took us so long (probably for many reasons) but she is finally walking. She's not like Kaleb though, because she's still crawling a lot. When he decides to do something, he DOES it. But I think she's a bit more timid. She still relies on me a LOT to walk her, while holding onto one finger. Yes, it's quite humorous to watch. 

Okay, so here are just a FEW ;) highlights of the month in pics! Enjoy!

She is growing up so fast. She doesn't watch t.v. much at all, but she is starting to have a longer attention span. :) (I am glad she is not watching t.v., by the way!)

Kaleb is all about driving his car. Inside, outside, at the grocery name it!

Here is a picture of a typical day for us...Lots and lots of noise, and joy! :) Oh, and did I mention, chaos and clutter and messes? The next two pictures are from just ONE day. ;) 

Keep in mind, these two pictures were taken directly after Kaleb took off his poopy diaper, and Brookelynn played in it, leaving a trail across the hallway floor. Thought I'd spare you the picture of THOSE details. 

Yes, there is never a dull moment in our house. 

We do love music. The kids love to dance and sing! 

Daddy got Kaleb a little "scuttlebug" from this cute store called "Cupcakes and Cowboys" in town. He LOVES it. He calls it his "bicycle blue". We have decided to stoop to the level of bribery when it comes to bicycle blue, though, I must admit. (Insert snicker here.) He loves it so much that we are able to use it as a tool to get him to eat what we want him to eat! Yes, finally! Last week we saw him actually eat a green bean. Yes. That was a giant milestone. And yes, Momma and Daddy love bicycle blue. 

Brookelynn loves her little seahorse, on the other hand. She has to have him to go to sleep. He has to be on (music playing) to go to sleep. He is from Auntie Kelly, and we are SO appreciative of her purchase! He makes bedtime THAT much easier. 

Had to get a random picture of her in one of my favorite dresses. :) So cute and summery! Did I mention how much I love having a girl to dress up? However, the other day she threw a FIT when I was doing her hair, so I am hoping we are not entering the dreaded stage...I knew this day would come, but I didn't expect it yet! :( Hopefully it was just that day! :) 

Momma has decided to have more spaghetti days. This girl EATS it up!!! And then...there's bathtime. :) 

Had to snap a shot of my three favorite people in the world together. Although two of them are not looking at the camera, I am still in love. Awww...Daddy takes them outside a LOT while Momma is cooking and cleaning. He is such a good daddy and spends a lot of time with them. So priceless! 

Also just had to get this shot too. Aren't they cute? He had to have Momma's shoes on. He likes to wear them!

One of my favorite views! :) She loves me walking her!

My favorite mess makers. I had given them a bowl of water to play in with toys. Brookelynn especially loves water play right now! Of course, this required a full outfit change. Notice the dirt behind them. That became part of their outfits not long after! 

We do love our chocolate. Just. like. Momma. 

And we love Opa. :) And "sof" kitties. 

AND the swings. Oh, how we love the swings!!

And Auntie Deb and her new boyfriend came to visit!!! (I leave the best for last, of course.)  

Aren't they just so cute? The best part about this situation is that he will keep Auntie Deb in Texas for us. (She is from Washington, where her large, sweet family would love for her to be...!) But we have STOLEN her!!! (Insert evil laugh here.) THANKS, Jeremy!! ;) Oh yeah, and you're pretty cool, too. We think we'll keep you. :) :) :) 

And, last but definitely not least, Auntie Kelly came to stay with us for a weekend! Oh, how she brightens our lives. Auntie Kelly is due with our new "cousin" in August, and we are excited beyond words for this new little miracle and blessing! 

Auntie Kelly, generously sharing her cupcake from Cupcakes and Cowboys with Kaleb and Brookelynn. :) Notice newest cousin! :) 

Whew. What a good month it has been. May was a delight because not only did my sweet girl walk, but my best friends came to grace us with their presence. Can't ask for anything better.    

Also looking forward to the Fourth of July. We've decided to make our house the "Fourth of July" hangout for family/friends/whoever wants to join us, because we live SO close to the fireworks and park! Getting ready for the occasion, and just got our shirts in!

We are one step closer! Yay! I LOVE the Fourth around here because our town just makes it fun! 

So, just to continue with tradition, and for my own records, I wanted to include some new milestones and things I don't want to forget in this blog (told you it would be long...I hate that they have to be so long, but I really don't have time otherwise to post!) about the kiddos. This is really for my own benefit and records, but feel free to read on!

Brookey, these days, you:

*say, "thank you," after someone hands you something, "outsi," you sign for "more," and say, "puppydog," "No, no!" "Num num!" "all done," "yay," and "choo choo". 
* love to sing and dance
*love momma to walk you around ALL DAY LONG
*go to sleep with your blanket, playing with the corners with your fingers, and listen to the music of the glow worm toy Auntie Kelly bought you 
*say "hi" all the time to everyone you see and do the princess wave
*also say, "light," "yeah," shake your head yes, "right there," and "up" and "down"
*give kisses
*play peekaboo
*sometimes say "thank you," followed by a "hehe"
*I say, "Can you say..." certain words I am reading in a book, and you always say them.

Kaleb, these days, you:

*say sentences. We are saying memory verses at night. You love to sleep with the night light on.
*call me, "soft momma," and pet me when we cuddle!
*love your "bicycle blue"! 
*sometimes have a "flat tire," on your bicycle blue, and daddy has to "fix it," so he pretends to fix it, and you always say, "Thank you, dadda." Tonight your foot also got "broken" while riding your bicycle blue and daddy had to "fix it" before you could keep riding. 
*Every one of your cars has a "flat tire" that you have to fix. Because of this, we find wheels all over the house. None of your cars and trucks have all their wheels intact. None!
*are still potty training. You have finally warmed up to your little potty though and you do not scream anymore when entering the bathroom, which I consider an improvement. No scream=potty training progress in Momma's book. You have gone more recently than ever in the potty though, but getting you to understand that being dry is the goal is very hard. You still throw a tantrum when I try and get you to put on big boy underwear. So we are still wearing diapers and pull ups. 

Last, but definitely not least, amongst the exciting things that have happened this month: cracking three eggs on the floor (K), making a diaper tornado in B's room (K), spreading poop across the floor and sister playing in it (K), pooping in the tub twice (B), emptying the contents of the bedside table all over the floor (B and K), beheading sister's Princess piggy bank (K). 

Yes, there is craziness in this house. But, ya know what? I wouldn't trade this for anything. No amount of peace or tranquility or cleanliness can top the joy of taking care of these babies. Sure, there are hard days. Almost every day I have to say to myself that this too shall pass during a fleeting moment of insanity while the kids are screaming at each other or me. 
But I LOVE this. Thank you, Jesus for this beautiful blessing we call life. 

Thanks for reading (to those who got to this point!). I know this was a LOOOONG one! 

Love you all,

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