Sunday, October 21, 2012

October highlights!

Here is an update that is about a month overdue...but better late than never right? :)

So, this month is Miss B's ninth and wow how time flies. Cannot believe that but she is. Here is what she's been up to, along with some other highlights of the month! Enjoy!
Standing, with momma's help of course! She loves this table that K got for his birthday and I have a feeling it's going to become an even bigger favorite when she can cruise and walk!

Just had to add this one too to her "standing" pics. Love these jeans! :) Gotta love Old Navy and it's become one of my favorite places to shop after having kiddos. 
Had to add another toenail pic. I LOVE painting her nails!!! Haven't done the actual fingernails yet but the toes are so fun (and when she sleeps of course!). 
She still loves her exersaucer but gets tired of it faster than she used to. :) 

First noodles! :) Yes...she is still learning! Her pincer grasp is there but as far as getting it to her mouth, she is like, "Why bother when someone else can feed me?" Lol! 

Yay for curls!! We have recently gotten some in the back...and Momma loves them! :)

 This month has also included a trip to Dallas to the state fair with Nana and Grandpa. It was great fun, and Nana was in heaven because it was her first time to spend time with the grandkids on an actual trip.
Grandpa also had a ton of fun! This was at Red Robin, my absolute favorite place to eat! :) 

 We ate very good. Of course, it was the fair...

If this isn't a bit Halloweeny, I don't know what is. ;) 
I always love seeing the dancers!

Pumpkin carving! 
Can you spot the train? :) This was probably the coolest part of the whole state fair to me! It was a train that weaved through a greenhouse (and it was warm! The temperature didn't get above like 55 this day, of all days!) 
Petting zoo! Among the animals...camels, alpacas, cows, etc!! 

This was really cute. There was a "play farm" where kids go in and help work on the farm! 

Getting our apron on to "help" at the farm!

Cute cowboy!! 

Kaleb loved all the cars and trucks at the automobile show!!! 

And K got to ride his first rides!! Looks a bit somber here? 

Here's a better one! :) 

I so wish this had turned out! was cute. :( This thing actually bounced UP and was hilarious to see Justin in there with K!  Clearly it was not meant for big 6 foot men! 

 K also rode two more rides I didn't get great pics of either but the airplane was among his favorites! He kept asking for it again and again and tried getting back in line on his own!

This was taken in the hotel. :) We were spoiled ALL weekend by my parents...who got us a suite by ourselves at The Embassy, paid for most of our fair food and rides, and took us to Pancho's as well. Can you say, "Thank you"?

Lost the paci...You know it's a good sleep! :) Gotta love the sleepy pics in the car. Don't get to take them often because I'm usually drivin. :) 
Random pic when we got back home...:)
Daddy and Kaleb time. Love these moments! 

She LOVES to grab her shoes. And it's funny...but kind of annoying too because then they come off! But....gotta love her!
We have also gotten the privilege of going on a date this month! Justin and I left the kids with Alana and John McRoberts, our kids other "grandma and grandpa," while we went to a Snyder Tigers game! First one, mind you...Sad to say, I know. But true. But we like to think we brought good luck because they won, 31-21. :) 
Halftime. :)

New milestones...

K, you are...

*saying all SORTS of terribly cute things! Cannot even begin with how much you can say. Everyone who knows you comments on how verbally advanced you are! Among the cute things are, but certainly not limited to, "Oh man," "Oh boy," and "Sit down!" You also say whole sentences, stringing words together, of course, but sentences I can understand. Which is...awesome!

*loving trucks, cars, etc...anything mobile. :)

*starting to love dinosaurs, and you say, "Roar," a lot!

*shouting every once in a while. We are trying to stop this sometimes and telling you, "That's LOUD."

* eating better, in some ways, but it's still the "twos"! You love peanut butter sandwiches, these little organic pouches we buy that mix spinach and peas and apples together, juice, and cheese, of course. Oh and you have recently fallen in love with pistachios! We have also been making "juice" for you that you will drink that has spinach, and kale and other things in it mixed with yummy fruits, so that you'll eat it. You like it, so that's awesome!

* sometimes really sweet to your sissy~ and it's so cute! You go over and hug and kiss her, and say, "Aww," and makes my momma heart melt!

* wearing an 18-24 waist and a 2T shirt. Lol!

* too cute. You make us laugh every day and I wish I had more time to share!

Love you SO MUCH, big two year old boy. Cannot believe it's been that long!

Miss B, you are

* clapping!

* babbling a lot, but you have started actually saying (randomly!) "hi," "yay," and "uh oh!" Love it!

*standing very good with the help of our hands, and you love to "walk"!

*eating all sorts of things. However, you still love your "ba ba" and you love to be fed by momma...
meaning you don't feed all...yet~!

* in the 70th percentile in height and weight! And your head? It's in the 90th. Yep. You're just smart!

* loving your brother. Every step and move he makes is something you adore and watch. In fact, you have decided not to crawl because you love to just watch his every move. Which is fine!

*are still sitting happily by yourself.

*are happy for hours on end just entertaining yourself, unless there's something wrong. You are such a happy girl, for the most part!

* are starting to love books, and you love to feel the "soft" part...some of your books have soft things to touch and that is your favorite!

* are very into soft things! You love stuffed animals!

We love you so much, sweet pea!!!

It's been a good month! OH, and one random thing...This kind of made us laugh...that Big Tex (at the state fair) burnt up today! Sad, huh, but kind of funny, no, in a weird way? ;) We were just there and staring up at him in awe! Now...he is no more. Sad and random!

Will leave you with this..."As for God, his way is perfect; the word of the Lord is flawless. He is a shield for all who take refuge in him." Psalm 18:30


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