Saturday, May 17, 2014

April and May!

The last few months have gone by SO fast, and I really haven't had a lot of time to get on the blog. ;) 
That's pretty usual around here, but it just seems time gets away even faster these days with two crazy toddlers, and, the way things are looking, I don't think it's going to slow down any time soon!

I am not complaining, though, by any means. I love to be busy! 

So, that said, here are the photos from April and May. Enjoy! 

Daddo bought K and B a tent with a tunnel! They LOVE it. 

We spend a lot of time outside during the spring and summer months, and B would not be B if she did not have her boots on. For some reason, whether it is raining outside (which is not often around here!) or 90 degrees, she has to wear her pink rain boots. I think part of it is because they are easy for her to just go grab from her room to play outside really fast. ;) 

Easter was super fun this year. We went to GG's  house and looked for eggs in her back yard since Daddo was working. They loved Easter this year, since they are finally getting to the age where they understand what's going on! A little sidenote...Since I am writing this now (weeks after Easter, of course!) I can share this...One day I was in the back of the house, and K and B were in the kitchen. We kept the Easter baskets in there on the counter (away from where the kids could get them, was the idea) and K was calling my name. I didn't answer at first, to see what he would do. So he proceeded to say to Brookelynn, "Hey, Mommy's not here. Let's go get the Easter baskets and eat all the candy!"
That little stinker! They learn early, don't they?

Just chillin in the swing. She loves cars, just like her bro.

I think she was telling a story. 

These are a bit out of order! Sorry! But for Good Friday this year, we made Resurrection Rolls. The babies loved them, and Momma kind of did too! :) I will never forget what Kaleb said. I was trying to teach the babies that Jesus was in the "tomb" when he went inside the oven and when the rolls came out of the oven, he was gone (the marshmallows). But I don't think Kaleb got it - he kept saying, when he was eating his roll, "I'm eating God. He is going in my tummy." Cracks me up, this kid! 

We also dyed Easter eggs the Thursday before. The kids had fun, I think! 

She asked if it was "coffee". 

He loves to drive B around in his jeep. We got it from Shelly - it was cousin Abigail's, who didn't drive it too much, so it's almost like new! K LOVES his new Barbie jeep...Justin and I talked about painting it a different color, but K doesn't seem to mind...hmmm.

Had to get a birthday morning pic with everyone on my birthday. She wasn't feeling the greatest, but you can't tell here!


Classic K pic. He is just such a boy!! Not sure what he's eating...

Didn't quite get the pull up on right that morning.

We went to a restaurant that night for my birthday and Little Missy was NOT well! Won't tell you exactly what happened but it was not can use your imagination. But anyway, it was a birthday dinner I will never forget. Ever. ;)

However, for my birthday I got some Young Living essential oils, and we used Thieves on her that night. The next day, she was a lot better already! I LOVE my new oils. 

Justin also spoiled me by letting me plant a flower garden for my birthday. He worked hard for me! Here he is tilling the ground...It was some hard dirt! 

I babysat Shelly's 6 kids plus my 2 on a Saturday. It was surprisingly easy! It could probably be from the fact, though, that they all watched the movie Frozen and it captured their attention for a few minutes! But they are good kids anyway, so I'm really not surprised. My kids, actually, were the only hard ones to watch that day. Ha! 

Got a great pic of her littlest, Timothy, whom we lovingly call Tim. I ADORE this boy! 

And...this happened. And, yes, we got stitches. Three of them, to be exact. Still unsure as to what happened. Thankfully, Aunt Shelly was already home, and we had just been chatting in the kitchen, and next thing we know, K came out of the hallway screaming with blood gushing out of his head. Still not sure what it was that caused the cut, but was kind of scary. I debated back and forth on an ER visit, because it really didn't bleed much after a minute of gushing. could see the skull. So, that kind of made me nervous... 

 The "before" photo. 

The "after" photo. He actually did really well. I think I took it worse than he did. :) He only cried a little when the doc inserted the needle for anesthesia. I was proud and sad at the same time. I hope it's the first and last visit we make for a very long while, if ever again. 

Beautiful Oma (Justin's mom) on Mother's Day. So glad to have Oma!!! 

My momma and me a year ago. Mommy's day was not the same since we didn't get to see her, but I love her to pieces! 

Brookey before church on Mother's Day. :) Oma had stopped by, and she was having to say goodbye...;) 

And, I had to add this one to the last few photos because it just cracks me up! Not sure what he was doing, or trying to accomplish, but Justin said he woke up to this one day when he was on nights. Wasn't sure if he was still dreaming...  

Justin has been going on "dates" with his babies, and this blesses all of us so much! What a good daddy he is! Recently, he has been taking the kiddos fishing. :) This particular picture makes me laugh too because her shoes are on backwards. Daddy dresses the babies sometimes before his outings. ;) He won't mind that I shared. Love you, Daddo! ;)

Well, Kaleb has gotten finished with his quiet time (That's what he has now, instead of a nap...cannot believe we are at this point already! Where did the time go?!) so I'd better go. He is talking about his fish on the computer screen - he loves to fish with daddy. 

Well...I had the cutest video ever of the kids dancing that I was going to leave you with, but it is not working for me at this moment. So I will just leave you with this for now...

God bless and happy Spring! 

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