Saturday, May 21, 2011

CARROTS...and SQUASH...and BREAD....

So...just thought I'd share that someone flipped a switch in my baby.

Today he decided to not only eat the carrots I put in front of him, but EVERYTHING else.

Mind you, I'm not giving him a bunch of new food at once,'s tempting! Lol. I cannot believe he's finally come around to eating solids.

It's not the baby food jar solids, and that's fine...just means I'll have to do a little more work in the kitchen, but it could keep the bills down a bit.

Today he had a bit of bread (broken up of course), lots of carrots, and some little Graduates Puffs that I let him feed himself...which he also doing pretty well, considering the circumstances. Most of it lands on the floor, but the important part is he understands what to do with it...and some of it ends up in his mouth!

I cannot tell you how HAPPY this makes me!

I was picturing him at five, saying, "Momma, I'm ready for my bottle," at every mealtime.

But yay we're finally coming around.

He even has started smacking his lips every time he sees someone else eat, like he wants to do it too.

Praise the Lord! I told several of my friends at Bunco this week about the solids "problem," and they couldn't believe it. They are all Christians and I think someone's started prayin.

Bring on the solids, baby! Woooohoooo!

Friday, May 20, 2011

Things up God's sleeve...

Gettin ready for Memorial

Happy EIGHT months to my precious baby boy!

I cannot believe it's been this long.
Sometimes these things just hit you...and this month, aside from others recently, just has.

It has proved to be a rather exciting month. Several things have taken place, and some things are in the being a house! We have been looking for a little while. Well, when I say a little while, I mean just this last year or so, and not very seriously. Actually - not seriously at all. We've looked at several homes we got pretty excited about, but all of them seemed almost "too" good. You know when you get so excited about something that you almost have the feeling it's not good? Well, they were too expensive for us, to be exact.

But I think we may have found one we might be able to afford that we are ALSO excited about. Of course, we are (I am, anyway, don't want to speak for my hubby but I bet he feels the same way) still hesitant about it because it might not be what the Lord has in mind for us, but I cannot explain how much more at peace I feel about it. I am at that point where I'm like, fine with whatever happens. I think sometimes we need to get to that point or even past it before the Lord can actually do the work He wants to. :)

I don't want to go into too much detail about the house but it's in a wonderful location - right close to the park. It's within walking distance of a lot of things, actually - schools, and churches. It's in a good part of town. It's a three bedroom, two bath - what we've been looking for. It's got a nice big backyard, and a large kitchen, and a large bathroom in the master bedroom with his and hers sinks. Lol. That's a must for me and Justin. Well, not really, but he's put up with me enough stealing his time and space in the bathroom! :) Anyway, just a lot of things we've been wanting. And the house is also clean - and well kept, and one of the best parts is a friend of ours owns it. The best part is the price though. It's something we think we may be able to afford. Now that's awesome.

So we are praying about this. If it is what the Lord wants, we will take it. :) Very exciting stuff. We'd love also to help our friends out by taking it off their hands. :)

Going to look at it tomorrow. :)

We have had some very interesting happenings lately with house looking experiences. I don't want to go into too much detail (Trust me, you wouldn't want me to!Lol!) but last week we were really praying and seeking the Lord on another home - one that would have been built for us here. There were no homes for us to see here that would be just like it, so the company had us come out to Lubbock to look at a home that would be almost identical to the one we were interested in having built. It seemed like a "good deal" because the homes are very cheap for what you get, for a brand new home. But when we got there and looked at it, it just didn't feel like home at all. You sometimes want to feel like a home is a "home," right, especially when it's yours? It just didn't have that feel to it, and I know if it was built for us I'd feel the same way. Well, the day left a very sour taste in our mouths because it was when we all started coming down with the stomach flu! Lol! I told Justin, "Hey, maybe that was the Lord's way of telling us how HE feels about us looking at that home!"

It was just too expensive for what we would have gotten.

The Lord works in mysterious ways, that's for sure. :)

But we have a wonderful God who will always answer when you seek Him, and I know He will about this house, too. Hopefully it will be a better answer! Lol. I have a feeling that it will be. I am at least at peace with looking at this one. :)

In other news, K has been rolling everywhere, finally! Today, we really noticed it. You can't really take your eyes off him anymore without him ending up on another side of the room. It's very cute. And I know it's only going to get more interesting from here!

He is also eating more solids. He will now eat refried beans and squash casserole. Lol. I think he just knows what tastes good. Tonight I made a bunch of food for him from scratch. Maybe this will help him! I know baby food tastes disgusting - the kind from the jars. I wouldn't eat it!

So....we are excited about the upcoming months and what the Lord has in store. We'll see. Maybe K will turn one in a brand new home!

SO exciting.

Sunday, May 8, 2011

On milestones...

It's been a good few weeks.
Momma got a piano for her birthday, and has been practicing a lot.
It's so fun.

In other news...We went to Dickey's barbecue yesterday, and guess what! K actually ate a solid food. Granted, it was ice cream. was solid!
You see, we've had a big issue with solids.
He just does not like them!
Momma has been trying them with him since he was THREE months old. The doc told us to start then, because he wasn't gaining weight.
Well, needless to say, he did, but not on solids! Lol.Formula has been our source of nutrition. Daddy calls it corn syrup. Lol. (Corn syrup is one of the first ingredients in all of the baby formula...funny, huh?)
But anyway, yesterday, when we tried ice cream, we ate it..and ate it...and ate it. We probably would have eaten enough to make us sick.
I know, I know, it's not necessarily good to try ice cream until your first birthday. (Yes Kristine, I know!:) But...we were desperate! And...momma learned something through the experience. That is that eating from a spoon is not a problem at all, like she had wondered. He opened his mouth up every time he saw that spoon coming with the yummy stuff. So...there we go. It's not the spoon, clearly. It's the taste of things. we also ate some of great grandma's squash casserole. We opened our mouth again for the goodness. So - momma has decided to start getting creative with the food she gives K. We can do it! We can do it together. But, all this said, we did talk to the doctor about him not eating solids yet. And he told us that it's alright - babies can survive just fine on formula until their first birthday, because it has all the nutrients they need.
It was just so fun, though, that he actually ate from a spoon without spitting it out right away! Maybe momma has just made disgusting food...Lol. Maybe he's been trying to tell me something through all of the spit - that "Momma, you need to make your dinners taste better." Daddy doesn't, because Daddy is sweet and will eat anything I put in front of him. It has just taken Kaleb to tell me! :)
All funniness aside, though, I will not use too many spices or much butter yet. I know that's not good. :)
One other note, too - I think we are getting ready to crawl here soon. I was kind of sad because I have friends with babies Kaleb's age who are already like, practically walking.
Well, K's decided he doesn't need to do anything but sit, and occasionally roll...perfectly content just hangin out. Which, of course is fine with momma and daddy, because the more mobile he is, the more owies he'll get. would still be fun if he wanted to be more mobile. So...he's started. He's at that stage where he'll move around pretty good on his tummy - he just can't figure out that those legs and knees will get him far if he just tries. He gives up pretty easily, and puts his head down and cries. It makes me sad and I pick him up probably all too early. But it makes my mommy heart sad when he cries! :)
We shall see. It's just kind of fun waiting and watching....