Wednesday, July 20, 2011


13 weeks! Can't believe we've already come this far!

Alayna and Kaleb!
More boxes!
This has been our life the last few weeks!
Boxes, boxes, and more boxes!
Messes, messes, and more messes! Lots of "What am I going to do with this?" and "Do we really need this?" and "Why do we have this in the first place?"
I never realized how much stuff we accumulated until we decided to actually move!

But we are starting to see the end of the tunnel. We are almost all moved into our new house! It was a pretty quick move, within a couple of days, really, because of several reasons, but I am pretty glad we did it. It was a bit hectic and stressful because of that, and the fact that I am pregnant, and was still having some issues with the pregnancy, so I couldn't really do as much "moving" as I'd have liked. Then, Kaleb came down with a really nasty cold and fever that got up to 103 one day, and gave it to me, so during the moving process we were also miserable! But, amidst the chaos, and the 110 degree weather, we did it. We have some really dear friends to us from church, John and Alayna Mcroberts, who helped us move the majority of our stuff into our new place, while my mother in law and my grandmother helped paint Kaleb and new little ones room. I have to brag on my 74 year old grandmother, though - she is a saint! She helped us clean so much, and got our bathrooms sparkling clean for us in the new place! She worked hard day and night the last week and a half, helping me do whatever I needed. She was pretty much at my beck and call, and would come over each day and ask what else needed to be done and where she'd be needed the most! Wow she's amazing! My sister in law, Shelly, is also so sweet and cleaned out all the cabinets and the countertops in the kitchen one day for me too, and that was a huge blessing to me as well. All of the help has been so awesome, and we couldn't have done it without all these precious souls! :) I thank the Lord for them!

We just have some random things left at the old place and we have about a week to get them out. It is massively dirty in there, due to the move, so we need to go clean in there as well.

This week we are focusing on getting new furniture for the dining room along with cleaning out the old house. Tomorrow we head to Midland to check out furniture stores, and we will leave K with my mom, who is loving that idea! She eats up any time she gets with him and is the best Nana! :) I know he will love climbing on anything he can get his hands on in her house tomorrow!
Friday we will head to Abilene to check out stores there. We want to see as much of a selection as possible.

Saturday we are having some sweet friends over, Jada and Daniel Burk, and that should be fun to show them our new house! It's not completely put together, of course, I haven't decorated much at all, and our "office" is a big mess, but I am excited for them to see the house.

Kaleb is now 10 months old! My how the time has flown! He has grown by leaps and bounds this month, and is crawling, pulling up on everything he can get his hands on (including the brick fireplace in our new house - eek! We are going to get a "bumper" for it asap!), standing, and walking holding onto our hands. He LOVES his newfound freedom and abilities, and grins from ear to ear when you applaud him. He is also starting to jargon, and talk to anyone who will listen. It's fun to "talk" back! :) He waves hi and bye at anyone and anything, even flies! Lol. He also loves the outdoors and going for walks in the park to see the ducks. Our new house is so fun because the park is right down the road, and I take him there almost every morning in his stroller. I look forward to making that a habit, even with our new little one! :)

Speaking of our new little one, we will find out on August 19th whether K will have a brother or a sister! SO excited about that. Justin and I would really love to have a girl this time, but if we are blessed with another boy, it will be awesome too because K will have a best friend. It's funny but I really honestly have no preference as long as they are healthy. I am just excited to give Kaleb a good friend! :)

There is so much excitement in our household right now. Excitement mixed with stress, of course, and knowing that life will change yet again very dramatically within the upcoming months after new Little E arrives. If it's a girl, we have like, nothing! If it's a boy, we have like, everything! One thing we will need to buy regardless of the sex is a double jogging stroller. I am going to use it in the park, all the time. I think it will be a necessity for my sanity! When this next baby comes, I plan to get outside more than I did when I had Kaleb, because I can! There is no excuse when you live just a street over from the park! It will be an awesome stress reliever.

Kaleb's birthday is coming up, too, and I want to have a fun little monkey party in September! ;)

I would also LOVE to get some pics up for you all of the new house, but I am still going to wait. I know, stupid, really, but I want to wait til we get our new furniture! It'll just make it all that much better! :) Hehe. I know, I'm silly. Just know that it is majorly more room than we'd been living in. That is seriously awesome. When we go down the hallway, we now feel like it takes forever to get to the kitchen. Lol!

Well folks, that's all for now. It's enough! :)