Friday, October 2, 2015

September 26th - a day to celebrate not one, but two boys!

Kaleb Lee! 

Jared Scott!

  It was a day to remember...

The decor was ready, complete with blue table cover, and, of course, a happy birthday sign.

Balloons of all colors filled the house. And blocks and Lego Duplos were set out in the "Build Something" station, underneath the brick foam Lego banner.

The Lego cupcakes were finished, and the Pumpkin Pie candle was lit to make the house smell yummy. 

There was a "Guess How Many Legos" jar, filled with 32 Lego Duplos. 

And of course, the chalkboard had to be decorated too. 

There was even a crooked "Pin the Smile on the Lego Man".

The brownies were red and blue Legos as well.

And who could forget the Lego M&M holders?

As guests began to arrive, there was pizza to be eaten - a nutritious meal before the sweets ;). 

Many of our favorite people showed. 
The sweet Bradberry family came. 

Jared, who had turned 3 months old that day, played with Andrew and Heather.

Then, he was passed to the sweet Hall family, whom Daddy took a selfie with.
The Burk family, and Kaleb's Oma (the sweet one behind most of the pictures!), whom we also love, came as well. 

And, of course there were many presents to be opened.

The birthday boy loved them all.

The Lego man finally got his smile. 

And the PiƱata got smashed.

And then, everyone went home, full of candy, brownies and cake.  

And the day was complete. 

Afterward, we had one happy five year old, and one happy 3-month-old. (Well, the 3-month-old actually slept most of the way through the party. But at least he enjoyed his guests for a few minutes before he began his peaceful slumber in their lap...)

Happy 3 months to our smiley little guy Jared, and happy 5 years to our fun, smart and handsome big guy Kaleb!!

Love you both to the moon and back several times. 

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