Thursday, August 26, 2010


We are getting to the end of this ride....I'm 36 weeks now and on Tuesday, I'll be 37, considered full term, so anytime I have Kaleb after that will be okay! Wooohooo...weird! We are excited and nervous at the same time, and I cannot WAIT to see what he looks like! Have dreamt about this little one for so long! :)

Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Comin along...

Well, there's not much time left. I go for my 36 week doc appointment next Monday. time flies.
I can't believe how fast this pregnancy has gone, really. It seems like just yesterday I was calling my sweet sister in law and asking her if it was possible to get a false positive on a pregnancy test! She has had several children ahead of me, and I look to her for lots of answers these days, and that was just the first! :) I remember her saying, "No hunny, it's more likely you'd get a false negative than a false're pregnant...congratulations!"
And I was like, "Wow...Okay...."
We planned on children, don't get me wrong. But we weren't "trying" necessarily...we'd kind of gotten to that point in our life where we were saying, "Well, we will just stop preventing it and see what happens..."
Needless to say, a month later...well, I was staring at a positive result on a pregnancy test and about to eat dinner...but suddenly dinner didn't sound appealing anymore!
It seems so much has happened since then...lots of transition, tears and emotions go along with the whole pregnancy ride (anxiety mixed with hormones mixed with, "Oh my goodness this is happening...yay....oh wow we have so much to do!"), but the joy...that is the best part of it all, seriously.
We are getting soooo excited about this little bundle. I have spent so much time daydreaming about his little face, his hands, his feet...his life! :)
I only hope that we can raise him in the best way that honors the good Lord. I pray for the wisdom to do so!
I know I've learned a bit since I've been off work, having to "sacrifice" already, not being able to buy the things I normally would...superficial things, such as make up, and hair things...I was talking to a friend today who's also pregnant, and we agreed it's kind of part of the "motherhood" process...starting to learn how to buy for our little one, and not for ourselves. It's a very good lesson to learn - one that I think everyone needs.
I look forward to more of it, though, in a weird sort of way. I can't wait to "give" of my time, effort, money, etc., for this sweet little bundle. I know some day he may turn on us and decide that he doesn't like us (like in his teens!)'ll all be worth it. This start of life is a new relationship, a new love, a new lifetime of love, no matter what happens!
So...all that to say, Kaleb is coming soon. And at this point, it's honestly kind of a waiting and watching game....we only have a few more things we need to do, and they are small. He needs a lamp in his room, and a changing pad with a cover. He also needs a few more crib sheets, and maybe a mobile. :) And we might steam the carpets one more time...But for the most part, I think we are almost ready.
Can't wait to see what happens next. Pretty soon I will start going once a week to the doc. Exciting!
Won't be long before we hold that sweet little boy in our arms! Woohoo!

Monday, August 9, 2010

Kaleb's shower!

Soooo...there have been so many fun days since this pregnancy began!! We cannot express our gratitude to all the wonderful, godly people who have helped us get ready for our Kaleb to come. I know it's just a glimpse of things to come, because he's the biggest blessing out of everything, and the best gift we could ever receive from the Lord. So excited. Here are just a few of the many pictures my sweet hostesses took at the shower!

Shower pics!

Aren't these adorable? They were little feet sugar cookies made by my great friend and hostess, Stacy Haley! There were so many cute finger foods.
Me, and my sweet mom in law Linda, and sis in law, Shelly!
Me in front of the yummies and the cute diaper cake with my mom and grandma. :)
These were all my 10 hostesses! From left is Martha Floyd, Nona Williams, Kathy Post, Angel Duncan, Shelly Bradberry, me, Stacy Haley, Luann Grice and Jeanie Rice.
Checking out all the goodies!

The hostesses bought us a pack n play! It goes perfectly with our theme, with little giraffes all over it and it's green.
We got soooo many cute things!
Love this!
This is Deb, a wonderful friend who should have been labeled a hostess, she did so much! :) She took a bunch of my pictures, along with my sister in law, Shelly.
Just some of the cute things we got from Special Occasions!
My mom thought of the monkey hanging from the present...I love it!
Love this!

The centerpieces were little monkeys and giraffes. :) SO precious! They were surrounded by little "baby bottles" made of candy!
Isn't this diaper cake adorable??

Some of the yummies!
So many sweet people came! From left are Luann Grice, Nona Williams, Sarah Erwin, Angel Duncan, Sandy Roberson and Adrianne Williams.
From left: Barbara Burney, Ellen Hataway, Kathy Post, Betty Thompson, Debbie Bomar (my mom!), Ann Edwards and Lanell Bomar (my grandma!).
Sooo many presents!
We received so many sweet blankets from friends and family, both home made and bought. Kaleb will be warm!!

More cute stuff! We got sooo many cute outfits!

The room is coming along!!!

Friday, August 6, 2010

Bigger all the time!...

Here is a pic of me at 33 weeks! It was taken by a sweet friend, Maria, who is a photographer! Isn't she great?? :) This was taken on the spur of the moment the other day along with several other photos, and she's going to give me a copy of the pics on a cd as a gift! So sweet!