Saturday, July 18, 2015

Just some Jared pics ;)

Jared Scott - our perfect, new addition.

    Love every little inch of this guy. He is perfect for our family and we couldn't be more proud. Thank you, Lord! 
These were taken on day three in the hospital. :) 

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Wednesday, July 8, 2015

Welcome to the world, Jared Scott!

He's HERE!!!

    And Mommy and Daddy are not proud or anything! 
Jared Scott Englert came into this world on Friday, June 26th at 7:50 a.m., at a whopping 9 pounds, 21 inches! BIG boy!!! 

   Mommy and Daddy stayed in the hospital for four days due to a C section, but Jared is doing good. He has a touch of jaundice, but not enough to make the doctors worry, and they even sent him home without any time under the bili light. We are taking him outside each day and making sure he gets to sun bathe. :) 
   He eats good, almost every two hours or so, but also sleeps pretty good at night if you let him. Sometimes Mommy has to wake him up to eat! I cannot see letting a newborn sleep through the night yet - I know he'd be too hungry! 

   We are feeling immensely blessed. The first day we got home, Justin and I just looked at each other and said, "We don't deserve this."

    Three children is a hard concept to wrap my mind around right now. What an incredible blessing.
   I don't have a lot of time to write (imagine that!) but it has been quite an adjustment. Justin went back to work tonight for the first time and thankfully it wasn't too stressful. Just a bit of a change. I am hoping it stays peaceful! Like I said, Jared is a good little sleeper so far. But usually newborns are their first week. We shall see. 

  I have so much more to say, however, I will leave you with this for now. 

  We pretty much knew his name from the very beginning. :) One of my very favorite, if not my favorite, story in the bible is about the flood. I just love the faith it took Noah to build the ark (I mean, the guy had never seen rain before, come on!) and all that the flood story entails. And in my life, when I tend to get down, or need some encouragement, I tend to see rainbows more - it's just something that I have always experienced. Anyway, so the flood story is special to me. And through our prayers for another baby, I was so encouraged through that story that I knew if I did conceive I would name a child after someone in the story or related to the story in the bible. 

   Originally, I had liked the name Noah when we were pregnant with Kaleb. But for some reason, it just didn't really seem right. So we never used it. Then, when this new little guy came into our lives after so much prayer, I was looking at the story of the flood again, and realized that there was someone related to Noah whose name I did like - Jared, the great great grandfather of Noah and an ancestor of Christ. 
    Then, after doing more research on the name, I realized it had several meanings. One is "he who descended." Descended down a mountain was the way the text described it. We found out about Jared while we were leading worship on a couples retreat in the mountains of Sacramento, New Mexico. 

  And Scott is my dad's middle name. Wanted to honor him! We also have a lot of Scotts on my side of the family, and a lot of people on my side of the family with the initials J.S. 

    Will leave you with this from Wikepedia - 

  1. "In the Biblical Book of Genesis, Jared was the sixth link in the ten pre-flood generations between Adam and Noah; he was the son of Mahalaleel and the father of Enoch, and lived 962 years (per Genesis 5:18). The meaning of the name is "he who descended" (Hebrew root YRD)."  

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