Thursday, April 3, 2014

February, March pics

Okay, so here is the promised last month or so in pictures. Enjoy! 


Daddy took care of us while Mommy went on a retreat. 

Happy Valentine's!!!

Daddy got a Taylor to help lead worship at church!!!

She can make the funniest expressions!


He has to fix things around the house!! He is going to be our Mr. Fixit!!

More cheese! They LOVE making faces at themselves!

First day of spring, and he knew what to do - bring mommy flowers!

Last shots til she's four. Finally!! (These are a little late...)

Daddy let him play his old guitar...and he's a natural!

Time for potty training! K is in on the action.

Playing with butterflies and ladybugs! 

Oh, how I do love this time of year. Everything about it is "new". I am not a very big fan of winter, and I just love it when the flowers start peeking through the ground again and the warm sunshine sticks around.
Happy April!! 

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