Saturday, November 28, 2015

Sweet simplicity

I have a journalism degree from Western Washington University, with an emphasis in Public Relations. 
I have worked at three newspapers, the second of which I wrote six stories a week, covered my own town, and designed my own page.  
I have been a features editor at a daily newspaper, where I had my own section and my own column. 
But tonight I sang lullabies with my three year old daughter while she took her bath and she sang right along with me. 
"Every day the sky is a deeper shade of blue...when I'm with you."
I rocked my baby boy to sleep, who, even though he has a stuffy nose, went down peacefully and is still sleeping peacefully beside me in his crib.
After reading a bedtime bible story to my five year old boy and my daughter, who had just been "getting their sillies out" by going up and down Kaleb's slide in his room over and over, I tucked them both in by playing a game of "getcha" with Kaleb where I try and get him and tickle him, and then singing two different bedtime songs to Brookelynn.
My day was filled with what would seem mundane for many.
I made chicken and dumplings for the family, and watched a few episodes of Sam and Nia, a YouTube channel I love.
We worked on a few Do-a-Dot printables together, and they took turns naming what number they were coloring. They are learning 1-30 right now.
While feeding baby brother, the older kiddos managed to go outside and jump on the ice filled trampoline without coats in the 30 something degree weather, and had to come in to change.
Of course they thought it hilarious.
Most of the day, I held baby boy. His snotty nose was making him cranky. 
While making dinner, I held him. 
While eating dinner, I held him.
While talking on the phone to my mom and grandma, I held him. 
He needed extra cuddles. 
So cuddles he got.
I vacuumed the house, as I'd forgotten to (like I always do on Wednesdays) before we left for our Thanksgiving trip to grandma's, and I could tell while staring at the carpet long enough while feeding baby boy.
Feedings take forever.
Sometimes I sit for an hour, then I realize what just happened, with baby boy still lying in my arms, peacefully sleeping. 
Then I try and put him down.
Sometimes he goes down easily, other times, and often, he doesn't.
Baby boy doesn't like to take naps. 
Just like mommy.
As soon as I set him down in the crib, he begins to protest, no matter whether he's been snoozing peacefully in my arms. 
I am not to the point where I like to let him cry for long periods of time to go to sleep.
So sometimes, often, actually, I will pick him up again. 
After all, he's my baby. ;)
Today, though, he went down pretty well.
I sit here now, with dear husband at work in this very cold weather, with three sleeping babies, thinking about my day.
It was a very good, very lazy Saturday.
My two older ones came back from their Oma's house this morning, since she and Opa are some of the best in laws there are, and took them for me so I could get some much needed sleep last night, since baby boy was fighting sleep the night before and we got about a total of two hours together. 
I am blessed. 
Dear husband works hard for us to be able to have these days. 
It's a good life. 
It may be simple, but it's mine. And someday it may be more packed with piano recitals, dance practices, and orthodontist appointments. 
But for now, I will enjoy the simplicity of a baby's cry, a three year old girls song, and a five year old boy's laugh. 
After all, this will all pass and they will be twenty, twenty three and twenty five. 
And I hope I remember the mundane. 
With a smile and...maybe a tear. Or two.

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