Friday, October 11, 2013

Happy Fall, ya'll!

Hello, fall, and hello all!  :) 
So...this fall, is such a turning point in our lives. The kids have been saying and doing some really cute things, lately, and I wanted to write it down before I forgot.
A few of the cutesy things they have done/said, lately are, (and this is only what I can think of off the top of my head!):
Kaleb - 
*I recently got my hair cut and colored reddish brown (for fall - I'm crazy like that!;) and when I got home, Kaleb was like, "Momma, you're brown!" and he came and gave me a big hug, and said, "I like brown," and started petting my hair. Guess he was happy to see me! Now, a a little over a week later, he's still petting me sometimes, and saying, "I like brown." I think it's his love language! Makes me smile, anyway!
*Today while I was mixing something up in a bowl for dinner that I let Kaleb play with often, I was letting him stand on a stool and watch. When he got up to look, he said, "Momma, my helmet's all dirty!"...Usually when I let him use the bowl, he puts it on his head as a "helmet". :)
*Yesterday while on a walk, we passed by a truck that was parked outside of a closed garage. He said, "That truck is waiting to go in." And then a few moments later, we passed by some pumpkins on a bench, and he said, "Those pumpkins are sitting down on that bench, momma." Cute!
*Brookelynn loves to sit in my lap! I laugh at her a lot because she is just so cute, and sometimes she'll look at me and start giggling back, and we just sit there and laugh at each other. 
*B also loves to hug me and watch the mirror while she does it. She just loves being snuggly, and the mirror just makes it more fun, I guess! 

So, that's just a very short list of course, but I may update it. :) 
Other updates...Lately, our weeks, since the fall season has begun, have looked a bit different than they were in the summer, and I LOVE it! This is such a new "season" in our lives, and I am taking full advantage of it.
I now take Kaleb to Library Time on Mondays, and B stays with either Daddy or GG, since the one on one time with K is best (it's easiest that way, getting him to sit still!). He is doing amazing, and I am so proud of him. At first, I was a bit nervous about taking him because I didn't know how he would do. He's still a bit "new" at the sitting down thing for long periods of time, and being still. But, it's just his speed! He sits down for longer than I've ever seen him sit still during the story. And, when little hand motions or body motions go with the story time, he participates so well, and I'm just a proud momma right now! I have a feeling I'm going to LOVE the age of 3! ;) Sigh...FINALLY. His attention span is ALL boy, and up until very recently, he couldn't sit down for anything. But lately he has started settling down a bit and I am SO enjoying this stage! Anyway, off my rant, now! ;) 
So, yes, Mondays are library days, then Tuesdays I go to a bible study in the evening at church. It is awesome, and I love it. Just a bit of "me" time, and I have enjoyed it immensely! ;) Being a full time mommy is great, trust me, but a little time away is definitely needed. Justin has been amazing in telling me he doesn't mind that I go and leave him with the kids when he's off, and he'll feed them dinner while I'm gone. Such a sweetie, he is. I couldn't ask for someone better...I really couldn't. Okay, I'll stop, again! :) 
Wednesdays, I do a bit of "school" with the kids, or a project, or whatever. Lately we've just been doing projects again, which is great. I haven't worked on the letters with them or the tot school trays in quite a while, but we've been doing other things! :) I plan to continue, though! Just been busy with other things!
Thursdays, we go to bible club in the park, where we play on the playground a bit, I hang out with other mommas, and then we sing songs and hear a short bible story. It's great - a bit of me time with the other mommies, and the kids get to play! And, just recently, I have taken both K and B again. Last year, because K just was SO active, I could only take one at a time, to focus just on them. I even stopped going for a while, because K just had such a hard time sitting still! He is just such a smart boy, and always needing to be busy! Anyway, so, last time I went, and took both of them, was remarkable. BOTH K and B sat nicely in their seats and sang. It was music to momma's ears! :) Like I said, I am loving the age of 3...Friends of babies this age and older have told me this would happen (that he would start settling down), but I really wasn't sure...So far, it is proving to be true. Praise the Lord!
Fridays, I plan to go to MOPS, but haven't gotten back into it yet. I was going to go today, but wasn't able to. But I do plan to get back into it. It's great, also for the momma's and the kids. 
Saturdays, we just hang out, of course, and get ready for church on Sundays.
We go to this great church that I have begun to love, and the people are precious.Not only do I attend the bible study there on Tuesdays, but I have also started singing on the praise team, and it is such a blessing. Lovin it. 
This season has been a season of change so far, and I am so excited to see what happens. I am excited to meet more mommies this year and get more involved than I've been the last couple of years, because the kids were so little. And B is a very easy little girl - she is pretty laid back. So I'm not really concerned about her 2's and taking her places. But - that said, she has had a few more "episodes," lately, as far as tantrums go, so we'll see. She's not 2, yet! ;)
But anyway, I feel change in the air this season. Loving it - bring it on! :) 

Here are some more pictures from this fall so far...

Pumpkin painting! :) This didn't last very long, but it was more fun for me I think than it was for them!

 We went to White Buffalo Days this year (something our town does every year - they have concessions and music and a few animals for the kids!) and they got to see their first buffalo close up. VERY! B was afraid, K just watched it.

 Pictures with my best friend. She really is.

Pretty fall sunset! Got this on the way home from bible study one night. Jesus never ceases to amaze! :) 

Our "train ride" with the Burks!! We went to the Abilene Zoo recently with them and it was so fun!

Just a fun shot of us on the train.

And...the babies on the train!

This snake was interesting - it had a pot it was slithering into, so we had to get a shot of that. There was already a lot of snake in the pot...Eeeewwww, yuck.

This snake was, for some reason, rather friendly, and would follow the kids back and forth as they moved. Yep. Scary. And their faces were Again, ew yuck. But, on another note, B, for some reason right now, is fascinated with snakes, and she loves to say, "Nake." So, couldn't resist a shot of her with Mr. Friendly Snake...or...not so friendly, depending on how you look at it. He may have been hungry for a bite. Ya never know.

B with a pretty friendly giraffe.

These cranes were dancing. Yep. Dancing. Kinda fun!

And, that's all I got for ya. Wasn't quite as long as last time, was it? :) 

Happy Fall, ya'll!! Here's to new seasons! :)

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