Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Our two little blessings!

Happy almost 20 months!

Kaleb Lee (a.k.a. Lil' Monkey)

These days, you are so active, and learning so much. You keep momma on her toes, and every day is filled with laughter, joy, and lots of activity! 
I am having lots of fun, learning WITH you, learning what makes you happy, and the ways you learn. 
You light up a room with your smile and your baby blue eyes. Right now, you:

*   are saying two word sentences! These include, but are not limited to, "Wow, cool," "I go," and, "Oh, boy!" 
*   are loving your bath. You would stay in there for hours until your feet get pruny if momma let you!
*   are really, really, REALLY into trains! When momma feeds your sister, you always like to get right up there with us and watch the "Choo Choo," on my IPhone. Of course, I let you, because I love you! 
*   are a pretty picky eater! You have some pretty good days, but you LOVE cheese (especially the Kraft cheese slices or string cheese), crackers, chicken nuggets, fries, fruit, and "juice". (Anything that tastes good is "juice," but we don't let you have too many carbonated drinks!) 
*   eat "Nanas," (bananas) and Cheerios and Carnation Instant Breakfast  every morning. That is YOUR breakfast of Champions. 
*   have discovered bugs! And you LOVE them! Yesterday you saw a moth on the floor, and ran over to your blocks that have pictures on them and brought one over to the moth that had a bee on it, and said to momma, "Bug?" and were comparing them. You are so smart!
*   LOVE going anywhere at all that has to do with outside, or in the car. Anytime we get your shoes, we are "going," and you get very giddy with excitement! 
*   call Daddy, "Daddo." I am not sure where you get this from, but we are deciding to go with it for now because it is kinda cute!
*   love playing "Peek-a-boo". One of your favorite things to do is to be chased around the house by momma. 
*   love wearing our shoes. I find you always trying mine on for size! 
*   love going through cabinets! When momma does her make up, you are always there to help me see what's in the cabinet that day...because it's spread out on the floor within minutes! :)  
*   weigh about 25 pounds now and are in size 5 diapers. You have just started getting VERY interested in the potty and what you do with it, and are even "pretending" to use the potty sometimes now. We are about to start down the potty training path..eek! We bought you your first potty a few weeks ago. 
*  are very blond! You have beautiful, thick blond hair, and momma gets it trimmed in sort of a buzz cut at the salon every month or so. You also wear gel in it when we go out. It's fun. You like to play in the gel when momma puts it on. 
*   love, love, LOVE giving kisses. Today you gave sister kisses every time you went up to her, and you have started loving on her more and more. You are pretty gentle with her, and you love to pat her, sometimes like you do your stuffed animals. It is very evident that you think she is special, and this warms momma's heart! Oh, and kisses go with "I love you." When momma says, "I love you," you give her a kiss. 
*   have really just started calling me, "Momma," and it makes my heart happy!
*   love hanging with Daddy. He has seriously become your buddy since you have had a sister, and you love it. You and daddy ride the bike together (Daddy installed a seat for you on his bike), you play outside together, you go to the park together, and you generally just hang out. :) 

We love you so much, and every day you are blessing us with more of who you are. 

Happy almost 4 months!!

Brookelynn Faith (a.k.a. Sweet Pea)

 From day one of your little life, you have been a joy. You are so peaceful most of the time, and, until recently with your cooing and talking, momma had to make sure you were still breathing when she was away for a bit, because you were never crying! 
You are sweet, sweet, sweet. You still never cry very much, and when you do, it's short lived. You are a happy and content baby. You are our little sweet pea! 
Right now, you:

*   are cooing up a storm, and most of your awake time is spent doing just that. You talk to your toys mostly, and sometimes patterns you see on your crib bedding and the monkeys in your mobile.
*   are smiling and laughing up a storm, too! Especially when momma or daddy comes up to you after they've been away for a bit - you are sure to give us a show! 
*   have just begun to grab your toys. Your activity gym has become very fun for you! 
*   have also just begun to blow raspberries!! Lots of them! :)
*   get very "tickled," when momma takes off your clothes. For some reason, clothes changing is very funny to you!
*   laugh when momma gets you ready to eat and you know it's coming! 
*   go to sleep at about 10 p.m . and sleep THROUGH THE NIGHT. Wow? Well, with one or two wake ups for some more milk. But...momma is loving this. 
*   are doing great - you are in the fiftieth percentile in weight and height. 
*   are breastfeeding and supplementing. You love both and have no problem where your food comes from, as long as you get it. :) 
*   are pretty portable. You hardly ever cry, so taking you out is a breeze.  As long as you've had your dinners, of course!
*   haven't been weighed in a while, but last time you went to the doc you were around 10 pounds, and you have grown since then and are wearing size 2 diapers!
*   have lots of fun hand me downs from several sweet people, and LOTS of bows. Momma makes you wear them all the time, but you don't mind. Yet. 
*   also have lots of shoes. About two drawers full to be exact. A girl's gotta have her shoes. :) 
*    still are getting your hair...which is confusing momma. She is not sure what color to call it. Right now...it's still dark and thick on the back of your neck on the bottom, with a completely bald spot on the back middle where you sleep! But on the top, it's looking a bit lighter, but it's hard to tell what color it will be yet, because it simply has not come in yet. ;) 
*   are still kind of considered "petite" but hey, you're a girl. :) 

You are our lovely sweet pea, and you are living up to your sweet name. :) 

There is nothing better than being called, "Momma". It is the best thing in the world, and, although it's the hardest job I've ever had, it is by far the most rewarding...every single day. :) LOVE these babies!