Thursday, August 25, 2011

To my K -Boo...

My, how you've grown over the last month, baby!
I call you my mover and shaker because that's what you are! You are SO ready to walk, and one of these days you are going to take off and momma's not going to know what to do with you!
You are all over the place these days, testing out all your new skills, and there are many!
You love to climb up and stand up, and sometimes you even stand on your own for a bit of time (a few seconds!).
You are just learning how to pull drawers open, and if I leave the room for a second and come back, sometimes I find a pile of your clothes on the floor because you've been rearranging them!
Cabinets are the same way! You love to see what's inside, and pull things out! I have had to rearrange several of my new cabinets in the new house because you are such a curious boy!
You also love clicking your tongue these days, and clapping. You love it when songs come on, and sometimes you dance to them.
You still love your bottle, and that's okay, for now! You still drink at least three a day, but you are eating too, and you will eat lots if momma doesn't stop you! That's fine, and you are a growing boy!
You LOVE cheese, and you LOVE bread. And cheese and bread together is your idea of heaven.
You are not so sure about veggies, and we are still trying with those. From day one, you didn't like them. Sometimes I could get you to eat carrots,'s a work in progress, and, I'm afraid, may always be! :)
You take after me in several ways - not only in the picky food department, but also in sleeping and waking. You LOVE your sleep - you will sleep for 12 hours straight! Which, of course, momma loves! But if you are woken up in the middle of your sleep, and when you wake in the morning, sometimes we better watch out! Because until you've had your bottle, you can be Mr. Grumpy! :) As Dada said the other day, "It's all fun and games til we need our bottle!"
LOVE spending time with you. We had so much fun the other night before Dada had to go back to work after vacation. You LOVE to play with Dada - he's one of your favorite people! You smile and laugh every time he comes into the room. He literally makes you shine. Momma loves that!
He plays with you all the time and makes you laugh lots.
We are having fun with you, little man, and can't wait to see what the Lord has in store for your life. :)

To my new little bean...

You are so precious to my heart already. Can you believe you will be 19 weeks along already tomorrow? Seems like time is flying by with you in my tummy, and pretty soon we will be at the halfway point of pregnancy together. I feel as though I have just found out about you, but that's not the case!
I wonder what you will look like! I wonder if you will have your brother's eyes, or your daddy's hair.
I wonder if you'll smile and laugh as much as your brother, or if you'll be more on the serious side.
I wonder if you'll have my funky toes, and take after my short side of the family.
I wonder lots of things.
It's so fun to think about all the things you and your brother will be able to do together - he can teach you all he knows!
Momma and Daddy have had so much fun with him in his short little life so far, and no doubt you will just add to the fun!
I know he will love teaching you things, and showing you how to crawl, and to giggle, and to make funny faces, and to click your tongue!
I can't wait to meet you!
When your brother was inside my tummy, I enjoyed every moment (well, almost!) of being pregnant with him. I didn't mind so much the 9 months it took for him to develop and grow and be ready to meet us.
But with you, I want you here now! I am so excited to meet you and to know who you are, sweet one.
But I guess we shall wait! We are not even sure if you are a boy or girl!
But until then, we will have fun dreaming, and getting your room ready, and getting your house ready for you to enter this world and have fun with us too.
Little one, we look forward to meeting you!

Friday, August 19, 2011

It's just not time yet...

Well, I told you I would let you know what happened on Friday during our 18 week sonogram appointment. I am to tell you...and somewhat disappointed. :)

Because we still really don't know whether we will be having a boy or girl!

The ultrasound tech checked all of the organs functions - the heart, the kidneys, the bladder, the stomach. All looked normal and like they were functioning properly. Little E. #2 (which I will still refer to them as!) even swallowed while we were there, and pee'd! He checked the hands and the feet, to see if they looked normal, and the spine, and the skin on the spine for any tumors. All looked well. He even looked at the brain (it's amazing all the stuff this equipment can do!). It was all so interesting to me and Justin and fun to see those little parts working already. He or she placed his hand on his knee, and they were moving a bunch.

But, Baby E. #2 is breech, and it was very hard to decipher their sex. The tech tried over and over and over again to get different angles, but it was never easy enough to say one way or the other.

He kept telling us, "Well, it's just too hard to say...I have been wrong before." He explained to us that he would possibly say boy, but doesn't want to say for sure. I think he may be scared about lawsuits...Lol. It's funny but when we looked at the pictures he gave us later, we seriously decided it looks like a boy. But...I do know that sometimes it can look like a boy on the ultrasound screen, and turn out to be a girl. He said he's had that happen more than once.

And I've had several friends who said they had that happen - the tech told them it was a boy, only to find out later it was actually a girl.

So...all that said, I guess we're still waiting on this little one to reveal themselves! They are a bit on the shy side, I suppose. :)

That's okay ...Surprises are fun! The Lord knows what's best - and He knows me! He knows I like surprises. :) So...we are still waiting. Until then, we will rest assured knowing we have a large supply of infant boy clothes waiting in tubs to be opened in the right time.

It's just not time yet! :)

We will post pictures later when we get our printer up and running...or I can get to Aunt Shelly's house and scan them! They really are darling - we got some of the profile. :)

We have opted this time, different from when we had Kaleb, to do a third ultrasound. Maybe then, Littlest E will not be so shy! :)

Sunday, August 14, 2011

Ribbons and bows or puppy dogs tails...

Several new things on the horizon...As of this week, we have lots of new things progressing...A new table...a possible new couch and loveseat, and come Friday, we will know whether to buy either blue or pink for January! We will have our sonogram Friday! We are beyond excited about it and I am literally counting the hours til we know. I know, pretty crazy, yes, I am. But seriously, it's going to help us in a lot of ways.

We really won't need to buy a lot if it's a boy, for obvious reasons.
This is Justin and K on our old couch (a futon, which, we have been very blessed to own, considering it was given to us for free by some very sweet friends, and it's in like brand new shape.) Our new couch and loveseat are beeeeee-autiful and if it's possible to be in love with something you sit in, I can honestly say I am! They are brown leather. The loveseat has a center console, with each side having both a rocking and reclining feature. The couch also has a powered reclining feature. Heaven...We are considering buying one of those powered massage pads to put in them...and we will never want to leave the living room. Can you say spoiled?...Yes. Hey, I use the excuse that I am going to have a baby in January and will most undoubtedly need the rocking/reclining feature...right? Breastfeeding is hard work, but somebody's gotta do it! Lol.
About two weekends ago, we went to Nana and Grandpa's (my parents) place to swim and have fun and get the table. They live in Midland and have a beautiful pool so we decided to let Kaleb try out his skills. He was a pro in the water (in the floatie!) and yes, as you can see, Justin used the life preserver to test them out. Kaleb did not care however, and every moment was pure bliss, full of cackling. I think he may take after his momma and daddy when it comes to water.

Great Grandpa Darr also deserved a visit. He LOVES his great grandson, and Kaleb is the first great grandchild. :)
Nana decided Kaleb also got to test out his tastebuds on jelly and butter. The verdict? Jelly and butter are definitely winners in his book.
But spaghetti at the Olive Garden...hmm...still deciding...
He loves to wave...even at bugs. And cars. And trucks. Pretty much anything moving deserves a wave.
And new little E is growing!!! This is me at 16 weeks!
Like I said, we go this Friday at 9 a.m. to find out this little one's gender. It seems like it's taken FOREVER to get to this point, but at the same time, I'm like, "Wow, are we ready???? This means 'real,' and this means, 'We actually have to start planning,' and this means, 'Wow, this is actually happening again...'"!

On one hand we are very excited - don't get me wrong. But on the other hand, we are SO nervous. Wow. Having two children in diapers and only 16 months apart is going to be like a roller coaster ride. And if this sweet little one has as many issues as Kaleb had when he was first born, it is going to be one CRAZY ride. But at the same time, we wanted this. We wanted our children close, and we were by no means against it. I am SO happy to be pregnant again, and SO excited, whatever it is, whether it's a boy or girl, and this time, even more so than I was last time, because I just want them to be a good, good friend for our Kaleb. Sometimes I worry that I may not love this next one as much as I love Kaleb - it's hard to fathom loving someone as much - but I know I will.

Our next post will no doubt be exciting, though. Blue or pink? Ribbons and bows or puppy dogs tails? We will see!