Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Busy week but good!...

So it was a really busy week but we got some things accomplished! And Justin was really sweet about helping out during my busy days...
I helped out with my first ladies tea at the church and it went well. Made for a longer work week because we (me and my coworkers) worked Saturday. But it went without any glitches really, and I helped my mother-in-law, Linda, fix her table. My coworkers spent all day Friday and early Sat. morning making sandwiches, quiches, and things, while I watched over the office. Early Sat. morning I went up to help Linda out with her table, and then came home and grabbed a bite to eat for lunch, and changed for the tea. We then went and set up our table, and the tea began at 2. We ended up filling all of the tables there, and I think there were about 110 or so who showed up. Not bad! Afterward I helped take tables down, and then Justin and I headed to our youth pastor's house to watch the Texas vs. Tech game, which has become sort of a tradition for us since the first year we were married it was the only game we watched together (and attended...for $20! the last minute! I know, that should be illegal!) We're not big football fans and it ended up being the best one of the season last year! This year we were sad that it wasn't quite as exciting...
Anyway, we stayed till late that night, then got up for church the next day. After church we headed to Justin's parents for meatloaf, then had a birthday party for Andrew, our now 3-year-old nephew, and stayed over til late that night too...and Justin was just getting over a cold....and then I came down with it!
But anyway, Monday was not a good day, either, since it involved a traffic ticket, getting sick, and the dryer breaking down (or so we thought), among several other things. So yeah...and that night we went over to Justin's parents again, then to a friends house, so I was pretty much exhausted, especially being sick. But anyway, all that to say, Monday was not a day I'd want to live over again anytime soon, but Justin's been sweet and while I went to work out after work on Tuesday, he was preparing to make us ribeyes on the grill. They were really good, and that was really sweet! :) Today he took my car to get it washed, and went and got us more water for our water jug. So yay for wonderful hubbys amidst crazy weeks!! The last couple weeks we've been having birthday parties for our nieces and nephews, and next weekend is for the other side of the family - my grandma! It has been busy! Thank the Lord for the Sabbath, though, because when it's possible, I take one!!

Thursday, September 17, 2009

Our Wigglesworth

This is Wiggles last winter, his first winter, enjoying the snow!! And the lower pic is him as a baby when we got him.

So this is us!

Okay so I've been thinking...several of my friends have some pretty cute blogs with their yes, I'm joining the bandwagon of bloggers out there. I just love the idea of me and Justin being able to share with friends and family about our lives, and what we're up to. It's a great way to keep in touch, especially with everyone's hectic lives these days.
So here we are. Let's see. Justin and I have been married since March of 2008, and it's been a great adventure! We have had the privelege of living very close to family - Justin's sister and brother-in-law and their four children live right next door to us, and so we see them a lot, and, as a result, are very close to our nieces and nephews. We also live about two miles down the road from Justin's parents, and not too far from my grandmother, so we are very blessed! My parents and brother live about an hour's drive away, in Midland, so we get an excuse to hang out there quite often too!
We love the town we're in, and Justin has a wonderful job as a plant operator at the local gas plant, and I work at our church as a ministry assistant. What a blessing! Justin's recently received a raise and so that's awesome too.
We have been very blessed since we were married, because we received almost too many gifts, and we have realized that almost every piece of furniture we own was given to us. Oh my word - I still can't believe that! We went to the Caribbean on a cruise for our honeymoon, helped by my best friend, who works for Princess Cruise Lines. It was every bit as gorgeous as I had hoped. And the August after we got married, Justin bought me a little two month old pug. Everyone who knows me well knows I have loved pugs and wanted one for a that was awesome too. He is our "baby," and, now being a year old, we are hoping he will soon outgrow his puppy phase! He hasn't yet...he has an abundance of energy that we hope will calm down! And he has a few minor quirks. He eats the carpet, he has a very severe underbite where his bottom teeth jut out really far, and he "honks" (which is actually a medical condition where his throat locks up and he can't breathe...kind of sad!) about every time he drinks water or eats fast. We love him to pieces though and he brings fun to our lives.
Right now I am working part time as a ministry assistant, but starting in January, I hope to be full time, with full benefits, which should also be nice. I love the church I work for, and we are both involved in ministry there. We help out with the youth on Wednesday nights, and I am also in the choir, along with my sister-in-law, Shelly.
We love our lives, and these last few years, I have really seen many of my dreams come to fruition. It has been an amazing "reaping" season for me, and I can only thank the Lord Almighty for it! He is very, very good! I am so grateful to have found a husband who loves the Lord, who loves talking about Him, and worshiping Him with me. If I only had that, I would consider my life complete. But no, the Lord, has blessed me with more than I had hoped for and imagined so far...I am so excited where the road shall lead us in the future. Thanks for reading this, and for joining us on our journey...I look forward to writing on here often, and, hopefully, by the Lord's grace, keeping it updated! We are on Facebook, too.
God bless, and welcome to our adventure!