Sunday, July 13, 2014

Oh summer, we love you!

Blazin by. That is what these summer days are doing. 

Here are some pictures to enjoy!

The Big Spring waterpark! Yes, there is a place to play in the sand. :) 

Brookelynn in her dress for Aunt Deb's wedding in June. She was a flowergirl, and Kaleb was a ringbearer. Thankfully, though, there were several "ringbearers," and he didn't actually have to get the ring down the aisle to them. I am afraid of what might have happened if he did! ;) But they did a good job, all things considered. :) 

Handsome little man! :) 

What we did most of the day. :))) Lol! 

Pool time! :)

Carnival time! 

Both of the kids loved the carnival this year, which made my mommy heart so happy!

Waiting for the 4th of July parade with cousin Isaac!

This is one of the few 4th of July's we will ever be able to eat popsicles on our front porch in our underwear. Why not take advantage. ;) 

Got a fuzzy picture of her in her 4th of July outfit just before she jumped into the pool with the cousins. Ha!

The pool. Justin set it up on the front lawn so we could watch the fireworks in it! It was kind of a hit with the kids. That afternoon, we literally watched in disbelief as our 2 and 3 year old politely let themselves outside and jumped in. Clothes and all. Yeah. They weren't waiting. 

One of the reasons I love my town. Every year we have this view. 

And this. 

And, while we're on the subject of God's creation. :) :) :) I absolutely love rainbows, and having had a somewhat rainier season than most ;) of our summers here, we've seen more of them! LOVE that.

If this is not true to my girl's character, I don't know what is. She is every bit of a girly girl and I love that too! She's gotta have the accessories. 

This year we get to sport the pigtails too, and our hair is long enough for braids. I am LOVING this! Never cutting it. Well...maybe a trim. ;) 

As part of our "cars day," (thanks Sarah Burk for the idea!) we made a tape road and drove cars. We made garages out of boxes too, and had a "car wash"...It was more fun with cars than I could ever dreamt of! 

These are a bit out of order. Sorry! The kids like to ride on the cart when we go to hotels. :)

We love Opa's and Oma's. And their go cart. :)

Uncle Phil came to visit us! :) 

Fireworks with Oma = best fireworks show ever! :) Both of the kids also seemed to enjoy them more this year too. I actually got to sit outside and WATCH them this year for the first time in three years! :) (Didn't have a baby crying to go in!)

Brookelynn would run to Oma, and then back to us, across the yard, countless times, she was so excited, she couldn't figure out where she wanted to sit! Then, the other half the time, she wouldn't stop clapping! 

Sandbox time!


Third year for the bike. He is barely fitting in there anymore! But he still loves it!

We are learning...our ABC's. Here she is learning H is for house. But...we have a long way to go! :) 

Here Kaleb is meeting "Bailey" for the first time, Nana and Grandpa's new shitzu puppy! He is adorable! We get to keep him this week for them while they are on vacation, and the kids are eating it up! 

He is a sweet little lapdog and if he could, I think he would just stay in your lap forever. SO adorable. 

That's all in pictures, for this month, I think! BUT...I cannot leave without adding some of the cute things the kids are saying...They are just too fun right now. :) They say adorable things every day,
and I wish I had the time to jot ALL of them down.

But first, here are some random conversations we've had around the dinner table lately...

"Brookelynn, your bread is not a kitty cat."

"Kaleb, if you drop it, you still have to eat it." (He was trying to drop his food on purpose.)

"I'm proud of you for eating, Kaleb, good job!!"
And...I'll leave you with some cute sayings...
Brookey: "It's not my turn!" 
She says this anytime she sees her brother having to do something she might have to do. Such as....recently, getting his hair cut (which she didn't have to do, by the way - just watched!), and getting seen by the doctor (and yes, she did have to do that;). 
Kaleb: "Daddy, you the 'No no' guy?" 
Daddy is better at discipline than mommy in our house. And I am so thankful for him! :) Evidently, K is catching on...;)

I cannot believe how fast time has gone. I cannot believe that my "baby" boy is going to be four in a little over a month. How is that even possible?

I cannot WAIT for the things the Lord is going to do in the upcoming years. Cannot wait for more birthdays, school, activities the kids are involved in. I am so excited for the next few years, especially, because this is when it gets fun (and probably even crazier)! 

I am going to start doing some real preschool with K next year, and I am so excited. Got the curriculum ordered already, and anxiously waiting it's arrival. 

Our schedule will probably look something like this:

Monday: Library Time, and school
Tuesday: School
Wednesday: Kids "AWANA" time at a local church and possibly preschool choir
Thursday: Bible Club, School
Friday: School, and hang out with cousin time

Of course, this is very tentative right now! I also want to get K involved in swim lessons next year.

He doesn't seem to be too into ball, but we shall see. He loves cars and trucks and more of the "brainy" games, which, of course, makes me happy! He loves the IPad, and he is already starting to do really well on Mario Kart, which, we limit. :):):) Don't want him to be TOO into technology just yet. ;)

Sorry, this is SO long. But...these days there is a limited amount of time for things such as a blog. ;)  

Have a great August ya'll!!!
A verse to leave ya with of course....

One we all know (and my favorite!) - 
Jeremiah 29:11
"For I know the plans I have for you," declares the Lord, "plans to prosper you, and not to harm you. Plans to give you hope and a future.
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