Saturday, November 20, 2010

There's poop!!!!

Okay....I admit it! I'm so excited about poop right now!
The last few weeks have been a bit of a challenge with us and poop.
You see, there hasn't been any!
One day Kaleb just decided he didn't want to poop anymore and mommie and daddy had to help him do it every other day by giving him a suppository! Yuck!
We had called the doctor about it and that's what they we had to do it.
For any of us... dun dun...there is poop!!!
And lots of it....Kaleb decided he could do it on his own again!
Let's just see if it continues...:)
Momma really hopes so!

Friday, November 12, 2010

Lois Faye Darr: Feb. 8, 1930-Nov. 12, 2010


In only one way, I wish you were here, and that is so I could tell you how special you always were to me.

But, now, in no pain, I trust that you can hear me in heaven better than you could here on earth anyway.

And so I sit here and write a letter on the computer to you to somehow give you honor.

There are so many things that I think of when I think of you. Here are just a minor few things of the many things you were to me...

You were my "second mom."
You were my nanny. You kept me every day, while mama went to school and worked. I would play in your big backyard, pretending I was on an adventure! During this time you taught me how to water the garden.
To this day I love gardening because of you.
You taught me that when I sprayed the plants with the water hose and they "danced," that meant they liked the water! :)

You were my "encourager."
When I was tiny, you noticed my love for kitties.
You were always buying me a new cat ceramic to add to the collection you had started for me...even when I stopped collecting (or never really started...but you made sure I had a collection!:).
And as I grew, you taught me that it was okay to be "me".
Find my passion, was what you told me - in less words than that - but I could always sense it when you talked to me, and through your love. I didn't need to worry about what others were doing...what did I want? What would make Amber happy? That was what I always knew you wanted for me.
And I found them.
You bought me books, and I began to love reading.
You bought me journals, and it was at your house and the hours I spent there writing, that I realized that I wanted to become a writer. I remember telling you that.
I would write story after story in my room at your house in the country - my inspiration.
And you were always so impressed with them.

You were my confidant.
When the teenage years were hard, and I didn't feel I could talk with mom and dad...who would I run to?
You were always a listening ear.
And although sometimes I didn't like your advice, I always knew it was the best.
When I had questions, I knew who would tell me what I needed to hear.
It was you.

You were my inspiration.
Your words were God inspired, and through them, I learned from the best.
You were so involved in church, and you knew the Word.
And when I was questioning, I knew who to ask the hard questions.

Most of all, you were my mentor.
When you got so sick, I felt like I lost my best friend.

That is why I write this.
You were so special to so many, and so loved.
So many lost their best friend, and their mentor the day you fell ill...

We were so worried you would pass then, when you went into a coma that fateful day in April '06.
But you surprised us all and gave us four more years!

It has been a rough four years for us though, and you fought a long, hard battle.
You had a heart attack, then a stroke the same week, and you were never quite the same from then on.
You had to go through some tough, tough times, losing your leg, being paralyzed, and in a wheelchair, among many, many other things.
Being stuck in a nursing home in a bed was one of the hardest things you have ever had to go through, I am sure.
You were SO, SO strong, though.
And the nurses were impressed.
Some of them fell in love with you.
They admired you for who you were, and your strength, and your love, despite all of the trials you were going through, and admired you so much that they cried while tending to your body when you passed.

You were a blessing to many, grandma.
Although at the very end you didn't understand it all, you were still so loved.

We will miss you.
Until we meet again.

I will always love you, and can't wait for that glorious day when, along with Jesus, you will welcome me into heaven with those open arms you've always had.

Tuesday, November 2, 2010

First month! :)

Peaceful sleepy time...(No worries...we don't normally let him sleep like this under the sheets without lots of supervision!:)
Our baby's first Halloween! The outfit was a bit big, but it's okay! We got it from a precious friend, Megan! :)
Momma loves this hat! :)
Just hangin out in my dino jammies...

And our first family pic! Fun fun!

So...the first month has been...let's I mention exhausting?
Oh yeah...I did.
I cannot get over how one sweet little innocent 8 pound person can take so much work! Lol.
I mean, he's just 8 pounds!
The laundry has sat in heaps for days. When we have company over, which we love by the way, don't get me wrong! :) But..when we have company, it gets tossed into Kaleb's crib and we stay in the living room so maybe they won't see it!
Dishes pile up in the sink and bits of food get like permanently stuck on them because they sit there for so long.
Up til this week, the carpets had not seen a vacuum for six weeks. Yep. That's right.
And I HATE dirty floors. I feel like having a dirty floor makes the whole house look dirty, even if it's not!
My plants were even starting to wilt.
We also have wasps.
I know many people have them, if not all...and the West Texas area has been pretty much plagued with them recently. Just like every year we get plagued with some kind of crazy bug....I just wish it wasn't wasps this year.
I have called the laundry room a "wasp cemetery" this week, because that is what it is. After we took six cans of wasp spray to it.
We left the door open for Wiggles, our pug, to get in and out...and that was a BIG mistake with all the wasps. They made it their home. Literally. And we kicked Wiggles out of there. Needless to say he hangs out on the porch now.
Tomorrow that is my goal - to tackle that room. Yuck.
That is...if I get any time...:)
And on top of all this I have a spare tire!
I have never had excess fat around the middle...not to say that I haven't worked out a lot and kept it off that way...but really...I have never been this flabby in my life.
So I need to work out again...I am looking forward to the next visit to the doc when maybe he will tell me it's okay to begin exercise again. It's been almost six weeks since my C-section. So I think we're pretty much there.
I also feel bad because I think we are going to have to find another home for our sweet puppy who's not a puppy anymore (Wigglesworth).
I have loved him since the day we got him (at the mall...:) almost three years ago. I had always wanted a pug, and I fell in love as soon as Justin said, "Yes, you may have him."
Scooped him up in my arms and didn't let him go!
I mommied him and taught him how to sit, stay, come, shake, to name a few things. He was so smart! He learned in just a day how to do each of these things (not all in one day but each thing I taught him, he'd learn in just a day!).
But mommie doesn't have time for him anymore...and daddy is always at work too.
So Wiggles howls.
That is his new thing.
He sits outside and just howls.
And it breaks my mommie heart!
So...we are going to have to find a new home for the little guy.
We are going to put him in the paper soon, and maybe we'll find someone to love on him the way he needs to be loved.
He really is a very, very good dog.
I, on the other hand, will not be able to watch as he leaves. This is a Justin task!
It just gets old when Kaleb is crying, and Wiggles joins's like they have crying contests! Wiggles howls, and Kaleb joins him....and then Kaleb fusses, then Wiggles joins him even louder.
Makes mommie want to boo hoo too!
So...all of this to say...the last month has been interesting. know, as they say, I wouldn't trade it for anything.
No, seriously, it really is true.
Despite the hard parts, having a child is the BEST thing in the entire world.
I would not trade Kaleb's smile for a clean house if my life depended on it....he IS my world right now. He is everything to me besides my hubby, and to me, the best of both of us.
He does have colic, and that is another story.
But he has his good times - especially in the morning. After he's been fed in the morning, and I am changing him on his table, he just stares at himself in the mirror, and I think...I saw his first smile the other day. It was the best moment ever...I had just said, "Aren't you mommie's little man? Yes, you are..." :)
That made all of the dirty laundry, all the dirty dishes, and all the wasps just disappear from my mind.
He is SO precious.
He is also becoming more alert every day...starting to make little sounds that are not just cries, but little coo's, and little "ahh's".
Even his cry is music to mommie's ears. I have memorized the way it sounds. He starts small, and builds...:) He also grunts a lot!
The first few weeks have been priceless. Painful (as any mom with a C-section knows!...or any mom knows, for that matter!) but priceless!
I would go to sleep, and dream about Kaleb, then wake up with his warm little body right next to mine, hearing his peaceful breathing.
(The "family bed" has been kind of a controversy with us but we have decided on it for the time being because it's the only way to get him to sleep sometimes!)
There really is no way to describe it.:)
No matter how hard, it is "love" in the best form I know.
And I wouldn't trade this time for anything.
I do have a new best friend, though, and it's name is coffee! :)