Saturday, November 28, 2015

Sweet simplicity

I have a journalism degree from Western Washington University, with an emphasis in Public Relations. 
I have worked at three newspapers, the second of which I wrote six stories a week, covered my own town, and designed my own page.  
I have been a features editor at a daily newspaper, where I had my own section and my own column. 
But tonight I sang lullabies with my three year old daughter while she took her bath and she sang right along with me. 
"Every day the sky is a deeper shade of blue...when I'm with you."
I rocked my baby boy to sleep, who, even though he has a stuffy nose, went down peacefully and is still sleeping peacefully beside me in his crib.
After reading a bedtime bible story to my five year old boy and my daughter, who had just been "getting their sillies out" by going up and down Kaleb's slide in his room over and over, I tucked them both in by playing a game of "getcha" with Kaleb where I try and get him and tickle him, and then singing two different bedtime songs to Brookelynn.
My day was filled with what would seem mundane for many.
I made chicken and dumplings for the family, and watched a few episodes of Sam and Nia, a YouTube channel I love.
We worked on a few Do-a-Dot printables together, and they took turns naming what number they were coloring. They are learning 1-30 right now.
While feeding baby brother, the older kiddos managed to go outside and jump on the ice filled trampoline without coats in the 30 something degree weather, and had to come in to change.
Of course they thought it hilarious.
Most of the day, I held baby boy. His snotty nose was making him cranky. 
While making dinner, I held him. 
While eating dinner, I held him.
While talking on the phone to my mom and grandma, I held him. 
He needed extra cuddles. 
So cuddles he got.
I vacuumed the house, as I'd forgotten to (like I always do on Wednesdays) before we left for our Thanksgiving trip to grandma's, and I could tell while staring at the carpet long enough while feeding baby boy.
Feedings take forever.
Sometimes I sit for an hour, then I realize what just happened, with baby boy still lying in my arms, peacefully sleeping. 
Then I try and put him down.
Sometimes he goes down easily, other times, and often, he doesn't.
Baby boy doesn't like to take naps. 
Just like mommy.
As soon as I set him down in the crib, he begins to protest, no matter whether he's been snoozing peacefully in my arms. 
I am not to the point where I like to let him cry for long periods of time to go to sleep.
So sometimes, often, actually, I will pick him up again. 
After all, he's my baby. ;)
Today, though, he went down pretty well.
I sit here now, with dear husband at work in this very cold weather, with three sleeping babies, thinking about my day.
It was a very good, very lazy Saturday.
My two older ones came back from their Oma's house this morning, since she and Opa are some of the best in laws there are, and took them for me so I could get some much needed sleep last night, since baby boy was fighting sleep the night before and we got about a total of two hours together. 
I am blessed. 
Dear husband works hard for us to be able to have these days. 
It's a good life. 
It may be simple, but it's mine. And someday it may be more packed with piano recitals, dance practices, and orthodontist appointments. 
But for now, I will enjoy the simplicity of a baby's cry, a three year old girls song, and a five year old boy's laugh. 
After all, this will all pass and they will be twenty, twenty three and twenty five. 
And I hope I remember the mundane. 
With a smile and...maybe a tear. Or two.

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Friday, October 2, 2015

September 26th - a day to celebrate not one, but two boys!

Kaleb Lee! 

Jared Scott!

  It was a day to remember...

The decor was ready, complete with blue table cover, and, of course, a happy birthday sign.

Balloons of all colors filled the house. And blocks and Lego Duplos were set out in the "Build Something" station, underneath the brick foam Lego banner.

The Lego cupcakes were finished, and the Pumpkin Pie candle was lit to make the house smell yummy. 

There was a "Guess How Many Legos" jar, filled with 32 Lego Duplos. 

And of course, the chalkboard had to be decorated too. 

There was even a crooked "Pin the Smile on the Lego Man".

The brownies were red and blue Legos as well.

And who could forget the Lego M&M holders?

As guests began to arrive, there was pizza to be eaten - a nutritious meal before the sweets ;). 

Many of our favorite people showed. 
The sweet Bradberry family came. 

Jared, who had turned 3 months old that day, played with Andrew and Heather.

Then, he was passed to the sweet Hall family, whom Daddy took a selfie with.
The Burk family, and Kaleb's Oma (the sweet one behind most of the pictures!), whom we also love, came as well. 

And, of course there were many presents to be opened.

The birthday boy loved them all.

The Lego man finally got his smile. 

And the PiƱata got smashed.

And then, everyone went home, full of candy, brownies and cake.  

And the day was complete. 

Afterward, we had one happy five year old, and one happy 3-month-old. (Well, the 3-month-old actually slept most of the way through the party. But at least he enjoyed his guests for a few minutes before he began his peaceful slumber in their lap...)

Happy 3 months to our smiley little guy Jared, and happy 5 years to our fun, smart and handsome big guy Kaleb!!

Love you both to the moon and back several times. 

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Sunday, September 6, 2015

Two months, three babies, and a lot of love

Happy two months to Mr. Jared! 

And what a wonderful two months it has been! :) :) :) 

   Jared is such a joy. He is what I would consider pretty "normal".  He is not colicky, although he does have his fussy moments in the evening. 
    He does not have acid reflux, either, thank the Lord!!! In fact, he does not spit up much at all. Praise Jesus!!! I worried about this a lot before he was born, since both Kaleb and Brookelynn had it. Kaleb had it so bad he had to be on medication his first few months of his little life. He stayed at 9 pounds for two months and every single time he ate he spit up everything. Needless to say, his first few months were rough. He was always crying, always hungry, and always sad! It was hard. At three months we took him to a specialist who ruled out pyloric stenosis and diagnosed him with severe acid reflux. Medication combined with bottles of formula filled with rice cereal was her answer.  
   And Brookelynn? Well, she did not have such a bad case of acid reflux, but she still had it. And one day when she was two weeks old she wouldn't stop crying, and I had a fear of not having enough milk supply, because Kaleb had had such a hard time gaining on just my milk, so I gave her formula. I supplemented from then on but still kept breastfeeding too. But she did spit up quite a bit. Some days were worse than others. But she definitely had her share of spit up. 
   That's why I consider this little guy to be "normal". ;) He has quiet moments during every day when he just looks around happily. He's content, which makes me really happy too! 
Wonderful third baby. 
    Right now he is almost 11 pounds, two pounds more than when he was born, and he's gained a total of three since he went down to eight after we left the hospital. He has plenty of wet and dirty diapers, so that is good too. 
     It's always hard as a breastfeeding mom to know whether your baby is getting enough to eat, regardless of whether you have a history of past problems. But I think that he and I are getting the breastfeeding thing down and it's going smoothly for the most part. I have even pumped some and kept some in the freezer for when I leave him with someone. I have never had such a good experience with breastfeeding, and for that, I am so thankful to Jesus! 
     In other news...he is smiling a lot. This just warms my mommy heart so much! He is really a smiley guy. I don't remember the other two smiling so early, but they probably did. Not this much, though, I don't think! He is always smiley, after almost every meal, and they are big, beautiful grins. He has also started laughing, and cooing. These are the days I don't want to forget, and sometimes I wish I could freeze in time. They whiz by so fast and then we look back and smile. 
    One of my favorite parts about him though? He sleeps through the night. Yes. I am serious. He wakes up once, maybe twice to nurse, then goes straight to sleep again. Told you he was a good baby! 
    So, enough talk. Here are some pictures from his wonderful second month of life! 

Daddy time

Daddy put them on the trampoline and took a picture randomly one day. It almost looks professional!

These two...

So, I confess. Sometimes Mommy just gets out something random and fun and lets a "controlled" mess happen. Yes, it's true. But...they love it.

He seriously loves his brother. It's adorable.

We had sunglasses on. It was too cute. Mommy just had to take a picture.

Daddy has been such a good daddy and taking both Kaleb and Brookelynn out on "dates". This one was to the waterpark in Lubbock. 

Afterward they went out for ice cream and games! 


Lazy river...

They didn't enjoy themselves...;)

Love this!! Lol.

Yes. This is in fact a typical day in the Englert household. Don't look too hard. 

Just some sweetness. 

So, this is how she comes into the house every time she's been on the trampoline. 

Jared. And Jared. Cuteness! My sweet friend Sarah and her sons have been coming over a bit and taking the other two bigger kids for a playdate. And I love her! She also has adorable kids!

Couldn't resist a photo op.

He and his sissy love each other too. It's priceless ya'll.

I will walk out of the room for a moment and come back and find them snuggling. 

Seriously glad I am getting these shots these days because when they are older, I will remind them how much they loved each other. ;)

Homeschool!! We are diving into My Father's World kindergarten curriculum this year. What fun!

This girl never has a bad hair day. This was after not washing it the day before, and then going swimming. No matter what I do with it, it's beautiful. Natural ringlets. :) Not sure where she gets them, but it's not from me!

Mr. Smiley. I'm tellin ya. With a toe sticking out of his head. ;)

Homeschool! :) 

More sweetness. Can't get enough of it. more smile from tonight. 

   Life is good, ya'll. Life is good. Three is not a crowd. Loving having three, actually. Two months of fun!...And a few poopy diapers here and there. ;) 

   Happy September...

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