Friday, January 15, 2016

Lots of life happenin around here...

LIFE has definitely happened over the past few months since I've written!

Although I cannot produce what I'd like (a full, like, ten page blog on every detail...), here is a small recap in pics...;) (Well, maybe it's not that small...)

We went bald...on purpose. 

The kids saw their first movie - The Good Dinosaur. With popcorn, of course.

We led worship for the first time completely on our own. 

Had some good ol Daddy/daughter time.

Son time as well.

Went on vacation for Granny's 90th birthday.

Ate cake

Pretended to have a boxhead

Spent precious time with Granny

Played in the sand dunes on the way home

Got our first tooth...followed by three more!!

Built some pretty cool things with Legos

Went to the dentist

Had our first bite of rice cereal...and did NOT like!

Took our first real family photo. Over. And over. And over.

Played in our exersaucer. Over. And over. And over. 
(We love it.)

Played in the snow.

Had Thanksgiving at Nana's new house! (Sorry, blury)

Had Christmas. 

Over. And over...

Because of this. (104 degree fevers, eye infections, double ear infections...) We had to wait on Christmas with Nana and Grandpa til just last week. 

It was kind of pathetic around here. 

Felt like a pharmacist though. 

We turned 6 months.

Had lots of sweet cousin snuggles.

Aunt Shelly turned 37.
(Oma also had a birthday, as well as Nana, but unfortunately, I wasn't able to capture the moments with them.)

Abigail came to babysit. 

Nana, Grandpa and GG came... Brookey's 4th birthday party! 

And of course, what kind of 4th birthday would it be without a Frozen theme? 

Just a bit excited about her waffles on her birthday.

And, last but definitely NOT least, one more thing happened in this journey we call life...

Sweet sister Shelly found out, along with all of the other sweet Bradberry's, that they will be welcoming a GIRL into the family in July! Bring on the pink!!! 

Life has definitely happened! 

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