Saturday, July 15, 2017

Happy birthday, crazy, lovable you!

    My crazy, snuggly, rambunctious, smart, fast, big-for-your-age, too-big-for-your-britches, silly, sweet, two year old, you light up our lives. You give me a workout each day, but you hold my heart in your hands! 
     You are everything I've prayed for, and a whole lot more! 
     When I spent a year praying for you and wondering when or if you'd ever come into our lives, I never pictured the life we have now. I never pictured how incredibly busy we'd be. I never pictured how much time we would spend at night giving baths, doing laundry, doing dishes, reading to ya'll, just doing life. 
     But I pictured a boisterous, beautiful blond two year old, being silly, doing boy things, making us all giggle, and filling our lives with a little more happiness and a lot more joy. And you do just that.
     I knew you were a boy. I just knew. For lots of reasons, but mostly because I always wanted a girl...until I started praying for you. I just knew that it was a God-thing, because I wanted a boy so badly when I was praying for you, and that was just crazy! 
     I wanted everything that comes with a boy - the bounciness, the goofiness, the snails and puppy dog tails...or however that saying goes. ;) Dirt. Everywhere. All under the fingernails, and of course in the hair. 
    A lot of balls, and loud. Lots of loud. 
    I love it all. You, my son, are all I dreamed of, and I wouldn't have it any other way. 
    Your smile is contagious. 
    And you are always inquisitive. 
   You are the first of our children to run so fast out the door, into the street, and stand. In the middle. Waiting. 
   You are the first of our children to cause us to add several additional locks to our doors. 
   You are the first of our children to empty a cereal box all over our bedroom - three times. 
    You were the first of our children to walk very close to the age of one. You get things done!
   You, my dear, are truly a third kid. You are our firecracker, and that's perfect, because your birthday is just in time for the Fourth of July. 
   Jared Scott, you are unique, and I cannot wait to see what God does with this passionate, fiery, yet sentimental, soul of yours. 
   I always tell people, it's so funny, because you are so spirit-filled, and you throw tantrums, but at the same time, you are SO cuddly. You are the perfect combination! There's nothing you love more than to snuggle with Mommy or Daddy. Oh - and you love to sing. You already know all the words to Jesus loves me, and Jesus loves the Little Children, and you can sing them. You also sing along with all the music Mommy plays on the radio. I like to think you are already musically inclined! 
   You are definitely one of a kind, my son, and I would NOT have it any other way. Being your mother is priceless, and I know God made you for us, and us for you. Every bit of crazy, lovable you. 
   Happy second birthday, Jer-Jer!

Here are some of those cute things you are doing right now that I want to look back on and smile...

* "Kiki" is "kitty." We just got a new kitten, so you are all about it. 
* Ice cream is "ice crean". 
*Cookie is "ookie". 
* Popsicle is "opsicle". 
* You are talking SO much, and you say whole sentences in gibberish all day! It's so fun to listen to you and try to interpret!
*You say all kinds of short sentences that we CAN interpret! Some of these are "Go bye bye in car," "Love you, Momma," "Love you, Daddy."
*You love to jump up and down when you're happy, and you almost do a little dance. It's very cute! 
*You have started all your sentences with "Momma, ..." 
*You do this thing where you hunch over and make this really funny face when you are in trouble.

*You love to be silly! 

*You love to sing. You sing "Jesus Loves Me," with me every night, and you are getting it down! You have gotten to where you can sing every last word of the verses with me. And last night, you sang the best "Twinkle, Twinkle Little Star" I've ever heard a two year old sing, all by yourself. 
*"Nonut" is "donut".
*You love toy cars and "choo choo trains". You like to take them to bed with you and snuggle with them. 
*You love to snuggle with us too! You are very cuddly, and I love that about you so much!
*You are a great eater! You will eat just about anything we put in front of you. You also love cake and ice cream. Of course!
*You love playing with and in the water, hence the reason we got you a water table for your birthday. 
*You love to color, and try to draw! You definitely have a creative side! 
*You love to be doing anything your brother and sister are doing. 

  The meaning of the name, "Jared," is "he who descends from a mountain," and we found out we were pregnant with you on a couples retreat in the mountains of New Mexico. :) We had already decided that name was a good one before we found out. 

God does everything good! We thank Jesus for you! 

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